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September 15, 2016

Did you know?

Many US universities hold career fairs and invite companies to their campuses to meet students and encourage networking. There is an institution (Career Centre ) at every university which is similar to Training and Placement Cell in Indian universities. This body officially provides all the services related to student career. They do all the placement awareness, resume writing, industrial meets, career fairs and interviews etc.

Unlike in India where Companies interview strangers solely based on GPA and written test, in the US, companies prefer to interact with prospective candidates. They like to advertise themselves and also like to hear from the candidates their interests and expertise. If the recruiter finds the student as a potential talent which the company needs to hire, he/she retains the resume for future reference, site visits, and interviews.


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Tips (Language and Writing)

There are words that appear in pairs, example, neither – nor, either-or, not onlybut also, etc. These words are usually indicators of parallelism errors. The portion after the first word of the pair will have to be parallel to the portion after the second word of the pair. To check for parallelism, you do not have to match the entire portions. Match only one after the first word of the pair with only one word after the second word of the pair.

For example, say, you have the pair ‘neither – nor’. If the word after ‘neither’ is a preposition, the word after ‘nor‘ will also have to be a preposition; if the word after ‘neither’ is an article (a/an/the), the word after ‘nor’ will also have to be an article (a/an/the), etc. So, you can find the parallelism error just by checking one word, instead of reading the entire option. This is an extremely useful time- saving technique.

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