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January 19, 2017


Petroleum Engineering

– What is it? Petroleum engineering is an exciting field of professionals dedicated to providing energy that powers a modern society. Petroleum engineering is involved in the exploration and production activities of petroleum as an upstream end of the energy sector. Upstream refers to the process of finding and extracting oil, which is usually buried deep beneath the earth’s surface, to provide a continuous supply to consumers “downstream.”

– Who can apply? Students with a bachelor’s degree in engineering, math, or sciences can apply for this program.

– What are the job opportunities? Graduates of the program are in high demand, and petroleum industry offers a wide range of employment opportunities ranging from field work in producing oil and gas fields to office jobs in small towns or large cities.

– Check out some programs: UT Austin,  Colorado School Of Mines, Texas A& M University College Station

Application Deadlines

MS in Computer Science

1st Feb – Georgia Institute of Technology

15th Feb – Columbia University, John Hopkins University

MS in Electrical Engineering

15th Feb – Columbia University (Fu Foundation)

MS in Mechanical Engineering

1st Feb – Rice University (Brown), University of Rochester



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Tips (Critical Reasoning)

In Assumption questions, the answer options that have “should” are always wrong. Use this strategy and reduce the time taken to solve CR questions on the GMAT.

Top Scorer

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