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Like all other entrance exams, the right way to kick start your GMAT preparation is by taking admission in any of the reputed GMAT coaching classes. If you are planning to do MBA, Master of Finance, Master of Accountancy etc., your GMAT score will help you to get admission in top rated management schools. GMAT papers include 4 sections like Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative and verbal. All the four sections are equally important and you need to score good marks in all of them in order to qualify GMAT. You need to keep these points in mind before starting your GMAT preparation:

Know the right time to start: The perfect time to start your GMAT preparation is during the degree final year. There is no point in starting GMAT classes at the earlier stages of your college days since you might not have any plans for higher studies at that time. If you put your maximum effort and hard work in studies, one year will be more than enough to crack GMAT.

Don’t make it early: It is better not to start your GMAT preparation during the first year of degree course because it may get clubbed with your university exam preparations and may ruin both of them.

Understand GMAT: It is better to understand everything about GMAT exam before taking admission for GMAT coaching. You should have a thorough understanding of the advantages of GMAT, its syllabus, pattern, eligibility etc., to avoid possible complications in the future.

Start from the basics: The candidate must learn all the basic concepts and fundamentals before starting the actual preparation. You may be familiar with these topics but again it is good to revise it well, in order to make yourself thorough with the concepts.

Move ahead with a timetable: Before you start your GMAT preparation, it is important to make a study timetable so that you can plan your lessons accordingly. While preparing the study plan, try to provide equal importance to all the subjects and make sure that you follow them strictly.

Keep some reference books: Make sure that there are enough reference books on your shelf so that you can begin your preparation without any worries. Reference books and materials are very important for GMAT preparation because it can provide you more shortcuts, easy methods and simple explanations for solving questions.

Concentrate on weak subjects: Some students may be excellent in Analytical Writing Assessment and average in Integrated Reasoning, those students need to dedicate more time for practicing reasoning questions. Moreover, you need to be very thorough with the Quantitative and Verbal sections as well.

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