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Are you looking to get admitted to the top B school? Then you are at the right place to get insights and some essential tips to enhance your GMAT preparation. The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a versatile competitive exam in the B school admission process. Using the right approach will definitely help you get a high score on your GMAT exam and boost your GMAT score.

We understand that it’s not easy to have a 700 above the GMAT score, don’t worry! Jamboree Education has been delivering the highest number of 700+ GMAT scores since 1993, and we are here to help you achieve your goal. Just follow along with the top tips for your GMAT preparation that will definitely help you get a successful GMAT score in 2024! In this blog, you will get to know about:

  1. About the GMAT Focus exam
  2. Pattern of the GMAT Focus exam
  3. Collecting the study material
  4. Organising the Schedule
  5. Understanding the Test-Taking strategies

About the GMAT exam

The GMAT, or Graduate Management Aptitude Test – focus edition, is a standardised test used by business schools for admissions to various graduate management degree programs. B-school admissions committees assess a candidate’s readiness for a management program based on their GMAT focus edition score. There is no minimum educational requirement to take the GMAT focus. Applicants usually take the exam in the final year or after completing their bachelor’s degree. A large number of GMAT focus test-takers are also working professionals.

So as you’re planning to step on towards your journey to GMAT, it is imperative to prepare yourself with the proper steps and resources. We’ve tried to compile them all in the blog to build a solid base to get the perfect GMAT score,

Pattern of the GMAT focus exam

The GMAT focus exam have 3 sections with total 64 questions;

Section Name Total Questions Total Time Assesses
Quantitative Reasoning 21 45-minutes Problem-solving skills
Verbal Reasoning 23 45-minutes Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension skills
Data Insights 20 45-minutes Data Literacy skills

Collecting the study resources

There are so many study resources available to prepare for the GMAT  and it is essential to be picky about the resources available : the question papers, explanations and different test taking strategies and techniques that will help you get your targeted GMAT score.
You can take benefit of the Jamboree Education’s  FREE GMAT resources that will definitely be useful for you to ace the GMAT exam.

Organising the Schedule

It is always better to have a proper organized study schedule as it is going to help you to be on track and be efficient with your preparation to get 700+ GMAT score, while you prepare make sure you give specific time to each section. Are you confused? Maybe need some help? call our couselor for a free counselling session and you’ll be sorted to prepare ahead.

Understanding the Test-Taking strategies

From prcatice to meditating to let go of the exam anxiety, it is important to have a thourough understanding of all the techniques so that it gets easier for you. Some efficient techniques are:

  1. Practice: prcatice makes a man perfect! Likewise it can help you get a whopping 700 on your GMAT exam, it is always recommended to practice the questions on a daily basis to score well.
  2. Mock tets: Taking full-length mocktest will help you understand the whole pattern of the GMAT exam and it wil help you set a tone for the actual exam.
  3. Time-saving Methods: learn the process of skipping, skimming and controlling your time on one question, wasting time on few questions while leaving the easier one for the end  is a common mistake, so use your time wisely.
  4. Know your Mistakes: So once you start practising, and taking mock test then it is important to analyse over your pattern of doing  same mistake. Analysing the exam in detail will give you a  proper introspection on where and how you are not doing it right.
  5. Relaxation Methods: this is another very important practice that should not be missed as this is the method that will give you a relief from the exam anxiety. You can relax while walking in the park, dancing/singing or maybe doing yoga or deep breathing to make yourself calm.

In all, mastering the GMAT exam is not as tough as it looks with the right techniques and approaches, you’ll be there in the tribe of 700+ scorers.  Make sure you follow these tips and strategies with full dedication will definetly land you in your dream

Mastering the GMAT Exam requires a combination of practical study strategies, diligent practice, and a confident mindset. Following these tips will enable you to tackle the GMAT in 2024 and achieve your academic and career goals. Remember, preparation is vital, and with determination and perseverance, success is within reach! You can call our counsellors today and book a free counselling session!

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