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Is GRE easier than GMAT, LSAT, or MCAT?  Yes. Can you target just as good universities with GRE? Also, yes. That’s right, GRE is smart people’s token to top universities and is taken by students who wish to take admission into various master’s and doctoral degree programs in different universities around the world.

Curious about the top universities accepting GRE? In this blog, we will tell you just that, let’s go!
1. Do I need GRE scores for Masters?
2. Top universities accepting GRE scores for MS, their cut-off and ranking
3. Do MBA programs accept GRE?
4. Top universities accepting GRE scores for MBA, their cut-off and ranking
5. Can you get into graduate schools without GRE?

Do I need GRE scores for Masters?

If you pursue a master’s degree in the US then yes, GRE is generally required. In other countries like the UK, Australia, Singapore, etc. GRE is either optional or not required. However, GRE is an admissions requirement for many competitive MS programs in countries like Germany, Canada, Australia, and more.

The good news is GRE requirement is waived for all the students for spring 2021, summer 2021, and spring 2022 semesters. Applicants may still continue to submit their official GRE scores for consideration, but they will not be required to do so.

Top universities accepting GRE scores for MS, their cut-off, and ranking

GRE scores are widely used to take admission into a master’s degree program. All top MS programs require GRE scores although the GRE score for MS varies for each program and university. Given below is a list of the top universities accepting GRE scores for MS, their cut-offs, QS World University Rankings, and more:


QS Ranking

GRE Verbal

GRE Quant

GRE Writing

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 1 155-162 158-162 4.5-5.3
Stanford University 2 155-160 155-160 4-4.8
California Institute of Technology (Caltech) 4 158-164 155-160 4.5-5
University of Oxford 5 160+ 160+ 4.5+
University of Chicago 9 155-163 160-167 4-4.5
Princeton University 12 159-165 156-165 4.5-5
Cornell University 18 160 159-162 4.5+
Columbia University 19 163 157-163 4.3+
University of Michigan 21 158-164 163-170 4-5
John Hopkins University 25 154-161 160-164 4.2-4.5
Northwestern University 29 159-162 158-162 5-5.5
University of California, LA 31 150-155 165-168 4.5-5
University of California, Berkeley 32 153-156 164-167 4-4.5
Duke University 42 155-162 158-162 4-4.5
University of Washington 72 158-162 158-162 4.5-5
University of Wisconsin 75 160-164 160-165 4-4.5
Georgia Institute of Technology 80 155-160 160-167 4-4.3
University of Illinois 82 150-155 160-165 4-5
Rice University 89 155-160 160-168 4-4.5
University of North Carolina 100 155-160 158-162 4-4.5
Ohio State University 108 155-160 160-165 4-4.5
University of Florida 162 150-155 160-165 3-4
University of Notre Dame 210 160-165 160-165 5.5-6
University of Virginia 217 159-164 160-166 4-5
Is 315 a good GRE score?

Have you taken the GRE before?

Do MBA programs accept GRE?

GRE scores are also used by b-schools worldwide as part of their admissions process for MBA and other graduate-level business programs. Nowadays universities are largely accepting both GMAT and GRE scores for their admission process.

With GRE General Test you can choose from numerous b-school courses including top-ranked MBA programs. However, some MBA programs may list any of the GRE subject tests as recommended or optional.

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Top universities accepting GRE scores for MBA, Their Cut-offs, and Ranking

Some of the top universities around the world accept GRE scores for their MBA programs. In India, Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS), Indian School of Business (ISB), IIM Ahmedabad, and IIM Bangalore (for the FPM program) are some leading schools that accept GRE.

We made you a list of the top universities accepting GRE scores for MBA, their QS Global MBA Rankings, and cut-offs. (You’re welcome)

QS MBA Ranking


Score Range

1 Stanford Graduate School of Business 163-168
2 Wharton Business School 162-167
3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 161-166
4 Harvard Business School 163-168
5 HEC Paris 160-165
6 INSEAD 163-164
7 Columbia Business School 161-166
10 University of California, Berkely 162-167
=11 IESE Business School 160-170
=11 Chicago Booth 162-166
14 Northwestern University (Kellogg) 162-166
=17 University of Cambridge 160-164
=17 Yale School of Management 162-166
19 New York University (NYU) 161-166
45 University of British Columbia 160-165
66 Queen’s University 158-162
83 University of Toronto 160-165
119 University of Alberta 153-160

Can you get into graduate schools without GRE?

Yes, you can. GRE is not required by all graduate schools. For some universities, GRE scores are optional for getting admission into MS programs. These universities put significant consideration on your grade point average or GPA from your undergraduate degree.

GRE is however a necessity in the top colleges and competitive programs. You can still apply to top graduate schools without GRE for spring 2021, summer 2021, and spring 2022 due to the Covid outbreak.

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