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The Russia-Ukraine crisis is on the rise, the cloud of uncertainty has cluttered the region. The beautiful capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv is now buzzing with war sirens and explosions. In the wee hours of Friday, explosions were heard in the Ukrainian capital, as Russian forces bore down on with a full-scale invasion. Putin has threatened that any interference will have consequences no one has ever seen.

Indian Students in Ukraine:

Thousands of Indian students are enrolled in various institutions in Ukraine, are scared, and in a state of panic. They are pleading with the Indian government to ensure their safe return. Airports have been shut down as the Ukrainian airspace is blocked and not running any commercial flights. The evacuation is a stringent task, which requires strings of diplomatic channels.

The agony of Indian students and their loved ones praying for their safety can be felt in their tears and vulnerable state. Most of the colleges in Ukraine have advised students to keep calm and stay put as access to basic amenities is not interrupted yet but how long will that situation hold. The bunkers are set up on university campuses, for unforeseen circumstances. But all the students want is to get evacuated before the situation worsens.

Indian Government Evacuating Students:

There are more than 20 thousand Indian students in Ukraine, and about 4 thousand have managed to leave the war-torn country in the last few weeks; however, things are getting grimmer with every passing day. The news of the Ministry of External Affairs has sent teams to the western land borders in Slovak Republic, Hungary, Romania and Poland for evacuation of Indian nationals stranded in the country is a respite but getting them to the Western borders by the road remains a challenge. The imposition of martial law in Ukraine has made movement difficult.

The Union government intervened and worked swiftly towards facilitating the return of stranded students. The Indian government is working on de-escalation as dialogue and diplomacy are the best way forward but till that happens, it’s time to stand united with Indian students and pray for their safe return.

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