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India’s home to the largest labour pool in the world, but it’s a deeply dissatisfied lot. Nearly 60% of employees are dissatisfied with the current jobs and 80% are looking for some sort of change in the coming years, according to research by TimesJobs.

If you’re part of that dissatisfied group, here’s how you can figure out what your next move should be:

Plan your ideal day

Always start a journey by thinking about the destination. Think about your ideal workday and figure out what sort of role suits you best. Understand your desire for structure, leadership, and compensation and weigh them against your ability to take risks and stress.

Set a ‘happiness’ ranking

Not all jobs are created equally. Every move you make comes with certain oppor-tunity costs, so it’s best to focus on what makes you happy. Assign different career moves a ‘happiness ranking’ to see which ones you like best. Doing what makes you happy will help you move beyond data and financial considerations.

Keep track of dislikes too

You must consider your dislikes if you want an easier transition. There’s no making sacrifices to the point that you’re dissatisfied with the end result. If you don’t want to learn a foreign language, hate doing taxes, or commuting daily, build that into the plan. better prospects, better pay, and easier visa programs to attract people with the right skills. A move abroad could be the best way to take your career to the next level.

Look abroad

There’s a wealth of opportunity for educat-ed and young professionals. If you’re dissatisfied with the pay and work culture, you might want to set your sights abroad. The rate of emigration to OECD countries has been consistently rising over the years. Many developed countries are offering.

Upgrade yourself

Investing in yourself could be the best investment you ever make. Considering studying for a higher degree or a profes-sional qualification in your field of work. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference this can make.

Focus on the medium-term

Traditional advice is usually about thinking long-term and following your passion. But the most pragmatic approach to deciding the next step in your career is the think about the next 5 to 8 years. Make incre-mental moves to improve your career over time.

If you create a transition plan based on these steps making the next big move in your career should be a lot easier.

 Good luck!

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