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Decided on taking the GMAT but confused about which preparatory books to use? Look no further! We have a comprehensive article that will help you decide.

The GMAT is a test of your analytical abilities and stamina. That being said, your preparation should focus on strengthening your foundation, adopting strategies for better time management and quicker correct answer identification, and ensuring you can maintain your focus for the entire 3.5 hour duration of the examination.

As per Jamboree’s experience, the best GMAT preparatory material will be the official GMAC books and tests.

Let’s explore why:

  1. The guide includes three books – The GMAT Review Guide, the GMAT Quantitative Review, and the GMAT Verbal Review. This bundle of books covers all sections of the GMAT exam thus allowing you to sharpen your math and reasoning skills.
  2. These books give basic information thus helping you establish a solid foundation.
  3. The books give retired test questions that will allow you to practice.
  4. Book purchase also gives students access to an online question bank, hence giving you experience with computer-based practice.
  5. Since these books come with detailed explanations you will get expert insight into why certain answers are correct or incorrect.
  6. They are written by the test maker and are hence, the most reliable and updated.
  7. Questions in these books are organized as per difficulty. This is a huge bonus as it will help you cut down on your preparatory time.

While a lot of students feel that exploring several books and attempting numerous practice tests will help in their preparation, it is important to remember that retired questions will never be repeated in the actual examination. The logic of quantity over quality of preparation will not help you score higher on the GMAT.

We hope this article has helped you understand how to maximize your GMAT preparation! If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us at

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