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Before you make an investment in your future – it could be an investment of time, money or effort – you need to know that it will pay off. In many fields, evaluating the quality of an investment is not an easy task. However, in the case of a graduate degree abroad, it is much easier – all one needs to do is look at the demand market for qualified, skilled professionals in any field in the world.

Every indicator of demand for these professionals says the same things: there is a very high demand even now, the perks of these careers are great, and the demand will keep growing for the foreseeable future. The year on year growth rate of this job market will outstrip the GDP of most countries.

Here’s our latest Jamboree in depth feature, on the job market for foreign graduates – where we seek to show why it is so fundamentally strong, and growing in the right direction:

India’s economy is growing quickly, and will pick up a further head of steamstudy-abroad


From all the latest projections of India’s economic future that have been doing the rounds in budget season, we are likely to be back to a 7-8% GDP growth rate very soon, and there are even rumours of a double digit growth rate some time in the near future. Many analysts are confident that India will enter a long, stable period of prosperity comparable to that of China a couple of decades ago, and that we will use this to create jobs, innovate and manufacture.

We are largely insulated from market corrections

Even after the big crash of 2008, India was probably one of the economies that emerged best out of the meltdown – with responsible fiscal policies and cool headed fiscal leadership keeping us safe. Our conservative financial approaches going forward will likely mean that we will maintain our growth rate, and that the risk for becoming the world’s largest economy is low.

There will always be a vacuum at the top of any field

In India, there has always been a (largely unfulfilled) demand for really good experts. Whether you’re a Computer Scientist, a Mechanical Engineer, a Creative Writer, a Social Scientist, an Economics Specialist or an Agriculture Major, if you know your stuff, you can change the face of our country.

University of Georgia TerryNew fields of study will be created every year, and graduate students abroad will be the first to know of them

Not too long ago, there was a new discipline called Computer Science that a few universities in the US started offering. For a few years, it had only a few takers, but it suddenly exploded in popularity. We all know where it is today. Similarly with Biotechnology around the same time period, or with any one of a multitude of new, popular degrees today: the future is going to be filled with things that are new and untested today, and suddenly become the need of the hour.

The graduate degree mind set and way of thinking can ensure success in any field

your career. Graduate degrees from the top universities abroad are not like that; you can walk in to pretty much any job in the world, if you’re given enough time to make a plan. So, what is it, exactly, about these degrees that equips their holders to succeed pretty much anywhere?

In a more connected world, you could find your dream job in any one of a hundred and fifty different countries

Even today, your career options are a fresh graduate from a big name graduate program abroad are staggering – you could walk into any one of a thousand jobs, and do very well. And, as we discussed, the options are just going to grow in number, driven by a greater demand in a world struggling to come to grips with the need to assure its teeming billions a better quality of life.

We hope that this Jamboree In Depth feature looking at job security, and proving that the holder of a good graduate degree from a university abroad, has been useful. Remember, you are working towards a lofty goal with huge potential benefits. Less than a year of hard work now can give you access to the best job market in the world, and ensure that your professional services are in demand in the world of the future, when high performing graduates becoming as precious as diamonds.


In case you want to know more about how exactly you can achieve your dreams, and start off on the path to becoming a high performing graduate, we invite you to get in touch with the Jamboree centre nearest to you, and book a counselling session with our expert coaches and advisors. Post that, we will be able to chart out a detailed plan for you, to maximize your career potential. We look forward to seeing you soon – all the best!

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