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We are not going to bore you with the details about what an MBA can do to your career graph, because we know you know. So, let’s just get to the point – MBAs are expensive! As one of the most popular academic degrees in the world, it is kind of a given. The workaround to an expensive degree such as an MBA is not a Master’s if that’s what you are wondering. It is a thorough research of affordable options that can replicate similar results and that is (drumrolls) Low-Cost MBA courses.

Doing an MBA doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend an impossible amount in order to thrust your way out of an ordinary pay scale. Lucky for you, we did some research and here is the list of top 10 low-cost MBA courses in the US that can help you. Let’s go!

 Top 10 Low-Cost MBA Courses in the US

  1. BYU Marriott School of Management

Located in Utah, Brigham Young University’s MBA program is currently ranked 83rd by the Financial Times. Its MBA costs are less than half of the expenses involved in several other similarly-ranked MBA courses. The MBA programs of this institution are accredited by AACSB. Students graduating from here earn an average salary of $105,374 except for students with an MBA in consulting who earn a whopping $131,818.

Course Duration 2 Years
Tuition Fee $27,720 per year
  1. Cameron University

The MBA program offered by Cameron University is particularly designed for working professionals who are seeking out a competitive advantage in their corporate domain. Ranked 95th best college in Regional Universities West by US News and World Report 2021, Cameron University is affiliated with Lone Star Conference, NCAA Division II.

Course Duration 2 Years
Tuition Fee $10,181 per year
  1. University of Wisconsin, Madison

Ranked 42nd best business school by US News, the Wisconsin School of Business offers affordable MBA programs in nine diverse specializations, which range from real estate, risk management, and marketing research to applied security analysis and arts administration.  The Big 10 football status of the university adds to its attractiveness. Students are sure to find quite a vibrant campus experience and a median salary of $80,496.

Course Duration 2 Years
Tuition Fee $42,704 per year
  1. Southeast Missouri State University

SEMO is ranked 76th in the list of the best colleges in Regional Universities Midwest. The MBA program offered by this university has a range of concentrations to choose from such as general management, accounting, environmental management, entrepreneurship, health administration, financial management, and more.

Course Duration 2 Years
Tuition Fee $10,580 per year
  1. Texas A&M University Mays Business School

The MBA program of this university is especially quite popular among international students who are on a budget. Mays Business School is ranked 12th in the US by QS Global MBA Rankings with an average salary of $101,878. The school also enjoys good proximity to Houston and Austin, and many of their students get placed in the financial services, consulting, and technology industries in companies based in these cities.

Course Duration 18 months
Tuition Fee $62,000
  1. Minnesota State University

This university offers an MBA program that follows quite a flexible schedule, in which you are required to maintain full-time enrolment during the fall and spring semesters. Full-time enrolment is a minimum of 6 credits, 3 of which may be taken online/from a distance. Minnesota State University is affiliated with the American Association of State Colleges and its faculty comprises of individuals from some of the leading graduate schools of the country. MSU is Ranked 80th best college in Regional Universities West in 2021.

Course Duration 2 Years
Tuition Fee $8,474 (Spring & Fall)
  1. Lehman College

The MBA program offered by Lehman College provides specialization in marketing, e-business, international business, human resource management, and finance. Their course can also be quite helpful in entering superior professional or academic pursuits, such as earning a doctorate degree in business or law. Lehman College is ranked 56th in Regional Universities North.

Course Duration 12-18 months
Tuition Fee ≈ $21,200
  1. San Francisco State University

This university offers a full-time postgraduate MBA program that is designed to help the students to gain knowledge of diverse management styles associated with the European and American corporate world. San Francisco State University is ranked 29th in Regional Universities West. Its MBA program provides the students with a point of analysis and comparisons that enables them to shape a robust, global business outlook and an average salary of $94,687.

Course Duration 12-36 months

(Depending on the program selected)

Tuition Fee $35,000 – $54,000

(Depending on the program selected)

  1. University of Georgia (UGA) Terry College of Business

This university is located in Athens, Georgia, which is a much more affordable city in comparison with other neighbouring cities like Atlanta. Terry College of Business offers a full-time MBA program, as well as an Executive MBA course, both of them being quite budget-friendly. Ranked 39th best business school by US News, the MBA graduates from the B-school earn a whopping $112,000 average salary.

Course Duration 22 months
Tuition Fee $13,578
  1. University of South Dakota

University of South Dakota’s MBA program is ranked 201 in Global MBA Rankings 2021 by QS Top Universities. They offer an MBA program with specializations in business administration, supply chain management, marketing, and operations.

Course Duration 12 months
Tuition Fee $12,768

The United States houses some of the leading B-schools in the world. However, if affordability is a major factor for you then don’t miss out on Financial Aid (Grants, Scholarships) available for these MBA courses as that can significantly cut down your expenses while pursuing MBA in one of the US universities.

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