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Did you miss the admissions game this year? Or did your regular admission decisions go awry? Or maybe you’re just not so sure about being accepted, whatever might be the case Rolling Admissions is the answer you’ve been looking for! So, let us find out what are rolling admissions and how can it be the solution for so many different problems, shall we?

What is Rolling Admission?

When you think about the college application process there are deadlines that make you feel like you’re going to throw up in anxiety. Well, rolling admissions can save you from having that feeling in multiple ways. With rolling admission, there is a window for admissions for a duration of six months or even more in which you can apply and find out your admission decision in about 4-6 weeks. Schools with rolling admissions may start accepting applications as early as August 1 during your senior year and extend beyond the latest regular application deadline. Wondering how is that possible? It’s possible as many schools have no application closing dates until all the slots in that class are filled.

You might think these colleges are obviously not doing well if they have to wait for their slots to fill up, but you might be pleasantly surprised to find many top-ranked colleges that offer rolling admissions. Let’s take a look!

What are the colleges with Rolling Admissions?

Over 600 schools have no application closing date, many of them have priority dates that vary from school to school. What are priority deadlines you ask? Colleges with rolling admissions use the term ‘priority deadline’ to encourage students to apply earlier than regular decision deadlines and roll out results of these applications as soon as they are assessed.

Given below is a list of top colleges with rolling admissions and their priority application deadlines.

S.No. School Acceptance Rate Priority Application Deadline
1 University of North Carolina 23% December 1
2 Baruch College—CUNY, New York 39% February 1
3 Binghamton University—SUNY, NY 40% January 15
4 University of Tulsa, Oklahoma 41% January 15
5 Clemson University, South Carolina 47% December 1
6 University of Minnesota 52% November 1
7 Ohio State University, Ohio 52% February 1
8 Pennsylvania State University 56% February 1
9 University at Buffalo—SUNY, NY 56% November 15
10 Purdue University, Indiana 58% February 1
11 University of Alabama 59% February 1
12 University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 59% November 1
13 Rutgers University, New Jersey 60% December 1
14 University of Houston, Texas 62% October 15
15 Loyola University Chicago, Illinois 68% December 1
16 Eckerd College, Florida 68% November 15
17 Ripon College, Wisconsin 69% January 15
18 Creighton University, Nebraska 71% N/A
19 Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma 74% N/A
20 Indiana University, Indiana 77% February 1
21 Arkansas State University, Arkansas 77% Varies as per program
22 Michigan State University, Michigan 78% November 1
23 Colorado State University, Colorado 84% February 1
24 Arizona State University, Arizona 85% February 1
25 Iowa State University, Iowa 91% March 1

Are there any advantages of Rolling Admission?

Let’s start by saying, many. If you are unsure about how appealing is your application profile for a given school it’s best to submit your application while there is less competition i.e., before regular decision dates. Priority applications for a fact receive the strongest consideration and the results are rolled out within 4-6 weeks as well.

On the flip side if your college application process isn’t working out as planned or you have missed application deadlines there is always an option to apply for colleges with rolling admissions. But it is always advised to apply sooner than later because as the classes fill up, fewer seats remain, and securing an admit then becomes difficult.

Unlike early decision applications, rolling admissions are non-binding which simply means being accepted does not mean you have to attend that college instead you have until May 1 to decide. There are however other deadlines to keep track of concerning scholarships,  accommodation, etc.

In our opinion, it is ideal that you apply by the priority deadlines and use the early results to gain more perspective on whether or not you should apply to more colleges. Good luck!

Interested in knowing where you can apply for rolling admissions and what would be your chances of admission. Schedule a 15 minute free session with our expert counselors and get to know all answers.

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