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Do you know one thing Indians and British have in common? We both love tea! Do you know what else is common? Our rich and diverse cultures. A standout feature of UK’s culture is its educational excellence. With renowned brands like Oxford University, University College London, and the University of Cambridge among many others, UK is globally recognized for its quality of education and is said to produce the finest leaders of the world. So, if you’ve decided to study in the UK, then congratulations on making a fantastic choice. But if you’re still a little unsure, read on to find out why else UK is a great destination for international students.

Quality of Education: This is a well-known fact. The teaching methodology is one of a kind and encourages students to get their hands dirty, instead of just keeping their ears open. The expertise of UK’s faculty is unmatchable. You’ll probably find at least one Nobel Laureate in every university.

Flexible: Another key feature of universities in UK is the flexibility of their courses. As a student, you will have a compulsory learning path, but you are free to build your electives around it. Interested in Engineering but want to explore world literature as well? No problem. Universities here are multidisciplinary and offer modules in many subjects, just pick literature. And if you like it enough, you can even try to get a minor degree in it.

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Diversity: The universities in UK are super diverse and have students coming in from all over the world. In fact, you might find that over 30% of your class isn’t British at all. As an international student, you can see, learn from and interact with different kinds of people. And this exposure is greatly valued by top recruiters.

Quick to study, Quick to work: Most of the top universities in UK have much shorter degree durations. You can get a bachelor’s degree in 3 years and a master’s degree in 1 year. This means that you can start working much quickly in UK than in countries like the US, Canada or India.

Employment: UK is literally in the centre of the globe. For this reason, it is the 6th largest economy in the world. Many reputed companies, both from the east and the west recruit directly from universities in UK. They offer great salaries too; the average graduate salary is almost £30,000.

All right, now to the technicalities. The UK is a great study abroad destination, but unfortunately, it’s also one of the most expensive. The expenses associated with studying in the UK is less about tuition and more about living costs. But it is often manageable through the many scholarships and student jobs available (students make between £112-£200/week). Apart from these, there are many low-cost universities in UK for international students to study on a budget.

Here’s a list of the 10 most affordable universities in the UK for international students, with their annual fees.

1. Coventry University

Coventry is one of the most affordable public universities in UK. It has a satellite campus located at the heart of London’s financial district and is known for its high-quality business-related degrees.

Undergraduate: £11,250

MSc: £12,800

MBA: £15,000

Guaranteed Awards for international students, up to £2,000 tuition fees reduction.

2. Leeds Beckett University

This university is one of the most affordable in the country and offers great benefits for minimum fees. A well-established career development centre, all-round student support, exceptional faculty and a huge alumni network are just some of Beckett’s perks.

Undergraduate: £12,000

Postgraduate: £13,000

Leeds Beckett international scholarship up to £3,000 available.

3. Leeds Trinity University

Leeds Trinity has made the list of top 10% universities in the UK for its teaching excellence. It is an ideal choice if your interest lies in the psychology, sports or nutrition fields.

Undergraduate: £12,000

Postgraduate: £11,500

4. Royal Agricultural University

This is England’s first agricultural university, and it was founded in 1845. Royal Agricultural University is a good choice if you are looking to pursue an agricultural education. The other programs they offer are in land management, real estate and business.

Undergraduate: £13,124

Postgraduate: £20,000 (non-consecutive)

MBA: £17,276

5. Staffordshire University

This public university was founded with an aim to provide students with industry-focused education and now has over 15,000 students. Perfect for students looking to pursue science courses like psychology, biochemistry or other biosciences. It also offers well known Law and MBA programs.

Undergraduate: £14,000

Postgraduate: £14,500

Law: £10,900

MBA: £15,500

6. Teesside University

Teesside is one of the best universities in UK in terms of international student satisfaction. With the university mission being to foster innovation and creativity, this university offers exceptional facilities at very low fees.

Undergraduate: £13,000

Postgraduate: £7,500

Scholarships up to £1,500 are available to international students.

7. University of Cumbria

This relatively new university was founded in 2007 and has expanded to 4 campuses across the UK. The best courses they offer are in the fields of healthcare, sports, arts, business, forestry and teacher training.

Undergraduate: £12,800

Postgraduate: £12,800
MBA: £14,500

8. University of Suffolk

This public university has 5 campuses and 6 notable schools, including Health Sciences, Psychology, Arts, Law, Engineering, and Business. With over 5000 students, Suffolk is a popular choice among local and international students.

Undergraduate: £12,150

Postgraduate: £12,150

Master of Business Administration: £1,530 per 20 credits

Scholarships ranging from £1,000 to £3,500 are available to international students.

9. University of West London

Voted as the most modern university in London by the Guardian University League. The University of West London has great research opportunities and rightly calls itself the career university for its after-graduation support.

Undergraduate: £12,500

Postgraduate: £13,000

10. University of Wales Trinity Saint David

This employment-focused university focuses on developing its students with both academic knowledge and practical skills in order to thrive in the corporate world. With innovative teaching and world-class equipment, the University of Wales has been ranked #1 by Whatuniv’s Student choice awards for courses, lecturers and accommodation.

Undergraduate: £13,500

Postgraduate: £15,000

Looking for more affordable university options in UK? Connect with our expert UK counselors for hands-on guidance on how to apply successfully with scholarships.

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