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The GRE is the pre-eminent graduate standardized test in the world today; it is no exaggeration to say that the most highly educated leaders of tomorrow will be forged in the fires of this very examination. Since it is so important, and serves as the gateway to some of the most sought after courses in the world, everyone would like to perform as well as they possibly could.

List of our students who have scored 320+ on the GRE exam in August, 2016.

Student Name


Syed Safaan Sadiq 338
Shaurya Kumar Mittal 335
Yamini Gaur 332
Mansi Ganatra 331
Shubham Dass 330
Navni Bhatia 330
Nysha Chaturvedi 330
Ayushi Khare 328
Parag Jain 327
Varun Kumar Ahalawt 327
Samidha Shetty 327
Unnati Agrawal 326
Geet Sawhney 325
K.Mahesh 325
Anuj Punjani 324
N. J. Prashanthi Valli 324
Anuj Punjani 324
Neelakshi Soni 324
Pranamita Mukherjee 324
Jimit Gandhi 323
Javesh Monga 322
Ms Rheeya Uppaal 322
Akashnil Chakraborty 322
Rijul Razdan 322
Ajay Parwani 321
Sangeetha Polisetti 321
Anubha Varshney 321
Neha Soni 320
Raghav garg 320
Nishant Sharma 320
Arjun Shatrunjay 320
Yeshwanth N 320


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