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The GMAT need not be all that difficult. 

With the right methodology and techniques, a great GMAT score is all about commitment towards your prep. The GMAT test is a simulation of decisions made in a business environment, it incentives approximations and eliminations. Using these techniques, in addition to clever methods of checking, can cut down your silly errors by as much as 90%.

As the GMAC itself says:

The GMAT exam measures higher-order reasoning skills. You’ll need basic English-language and math skills. However, the test measures your ability to reason with these skills.  All sections of the test, including the AWA and Integrated Reasoning sections, involve reasoning. “Higher-order” reasoning skills involve complex judgments and include critical thinking, analysis, and problem-solving.

At Jamboree, we have mastered the process of training students to crack the GMAT by thinking in sync with the GMAT’s testing intention.

Congratulations to our students who have scored 700+ on the GMAT exam in August, 2016.

Student Name


Himanshu Singh 760
Alec Correa 760
Mahesh Joshi 750
Palak choudhary 740
Ankit 740
Aayush Kedia 740
Mansi Girhotra 730
Vinod Kumar 730
Tarin Poddar 730
Vibhuti Singh 730
Swapnil Bhandarkar 730
Abhijai Singh Solanki 730
Nishchay Singh 730
Snigdha Verma 730
Smita 730
Megha 720
Purvi Saraf 720
Abhineet kumar 720
Gaurav Jain 720
Gaurangna Madan 720
Snigdha Chadha 710
Shresth Jain 710
Shubhankar Gupta 710
Manish Tripathi 710
Shreeya Shekar 710
Akshat Rustagi 710
Siddharth G 710
Gauri T Korday 710
Ravi B Pandey 710
Raazgi haidri 710
Surbhi Scahdeva 710
Mohit Bagga 710
Howard Ernest Berlie 710
Saunak Dey 700
Aayush Garg 700
Dhairya Aggarwal 700
Rajarshi Khasnabis 700
Aryan Raj 700
Amrinder singh 700
Harsh Singhania 700
Renu Dubey


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