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London Business School is the top ranked Business School in the UK, and consistently ranks in the top five in the world. There are many things that set it apart and make it unique – the location, the course curriculum, the flexible course length – all these are things that you get only in LBS.

Here is a closer look at the six most interesting things which will make you think how to get into London Business School?

Huge diversity:

In most top US B-schools, every batch has a large number of people with foreign passports, but many of them have grown up in the US. Culturally, therefore, they are often closer to the US culture than that of their country of birth / origin. However, London Business School has diversity that runs even deeper than this. Both its location and reputation attract a globally diverse pool of entrants. This makes for an even richer classroom discussion since people bring in their perspectives from the different corners of the world.

You’re in London:

London Business School has the advantage of being the highest ranked business school in the world that is located in the heart of a major city. This has many great advantages – student life and weekday / weekend excursions are much more fun. In addition, easy access to industry and infrastructure advantages – not least, the Tube – make the business school life much more convenient. There are some small disadvantages as well – cost of living will be higher than a small town or a university town. However, the perks of studying in the middle of a global megacity easily outweigh the inconveniences.

One of the best Business School exchange programs in the world:

If you want to experience two top quality MBA programs within the two years (or less) of your graduate degree, then London Business School might just be for you. With a total of more than 30 options, it has a more extensive range of options for its semester exchange program than most other top Business Schools. Most of the options are schools in the USA, but there are also top schools in other countries, including our very own Indian School of Business.

Flexible duration:

The one big dilemma for most MBA students is whether to choose a one-year MBA or a two year MBA, as both the courses have their set of benefits – the one year MBA is ideal for people looking to continue working in a company / industry and are looking for career advancement. The two year MBA gives you another year at one of the top schools in the world, with all the attendant perks. The London Business School gives you the best of both worlds, in a sense. Depending on your course load, internship structure and performance, you can finish your MBA in as few as 15 months or can extend it to 21 months. The ability to choose both extremes in a single school is what makes the choice special.

Finance spike:

If Wharton is the pre-eminent ‘finance school’ in the United States, London Business School probably owns that title in the rest of the world. A combination of several factors – location in the same city as one of the world’s largest historical finance markets, well structured compulsory and elective courses, and a well-oiled finance alumni base and recruiting machine – make it particularly friendly for finance enthusiasts. Of course, this does not mean that non-finance fields are looked down upon in any way – top consulting companies, like McKinsey and Company, often recruit in the dozens from London Business School every year.

The international experience ranks among the best in the world:

In addition to the true class diversity and opportunities for exchange programs, London Business School also does particularly well on providing other opportunities for international exposure. The Global Business Experiences are immersion stints in a business at an international location; these are like similar programs in HBS, Stanford and Wharton. In addition, the internship program places students in close to a hundred different countries, and extra-curricular activities like student treks and trips ensure that you get to see everything that your international classmates talk about!

Now that you’ve had a close look at London Business School, it’s time to set in place a long term plan to get there. Whether it’s exam preparation, application fine tuning, interview prep or just general guidance you’re after, our Jamboree MBA counselling experts can help.

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