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Always ask yourself, at the end of any section of Professional Experience, if something that you did was in the Top 1%.To be distinctive, it is always best to aim for the stars. After anything that you write about your work experience, review it after you are done writing it – but apply the filter of distinctiveness. If a certain part of what you did was ̈exceptional; if only 1% of people could have / would have done it, highlight that.

Once you do this for all points within your resume / essays, you can be sure that the people who are reading the essays will also see the spikes clearly, and see the ways in which you are distinctive. You should also have other people apply this filter; the ideal way to improve the professional experience section of an application is through a debate with someone else, where they challenge your notions of what level of achievement qualifies for the top 1%. Once you have your experience toughened by a series of checks, you can be confident that you are, indeed, special – and that, most importantly, your Business School application reflects that as well!

We hope that this special Jamboree in depth feature has been useful to shed light on an often ignored aspect of Business School applications: how do you take the great work you have done and make sure that every facet of its greatness is apparent to the audiences which matter? If you follow the tips above,  you will definitely be able to transform the way in which you present your work experience, and stand out in the midst of the most motivated young professionals in the world today.


In the final analysis, the people who read your essays and resume are very different from you; you have seen each word a thousand times, and will definitely not see it like they do. Because of this, it is very important that you evaluate the impact it can have on someone reading your essay, and you need to know whether it is clear, impressive and interesting. In addition, you need honest feedback: there is nothing worse than doing a focus group test in which you get perspectives that you cannot use.

Therefore, it makes sense to evaluate clarity and ability to retain interest on a group of people who are easily distracted, and who do not have any particular motivation to read the essay. Such a focus group will tell you in case they find their attention slipping during a long essay, or when they read a point within a resume that has been shortened beyond the ideal length to retain clarity.

This will ensure that your professional experience is always readable.

To this, you can easily add the additional layer of impressiveness by following the other points in this article. The essential quality is readability; once you are able to attract and retain the attention of an audience, you can worry about making them feel that your achievements are outstanding. This way, you have the additional validation of experience on your side, and this provides a lot of mental security.

In case you want to know more about how to unlock further value from sections of your application that you thought were bullet proof, maybe you need the Jamboree advantage. For sessions with our expert coaches, who can take your admit chances to the next level, we invite you to book a session with us at a time and center of your advantage. In this way, we assure you that we can demonstrate that careful preparation and counselling can take your already good application profile and turn it into a great one.

All the best!

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