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When you think of IIM Ahmedabad, you think of the epitome of success. Le creme students, high packages & the tough competition are a few things that come to mind. However, the truth is, IIM Ahmedabad has much more under its umbrella than just books and toppers. With a pool of talented minds, diverse culture, rich experience, and many interesting stories to share–IIM Ahmedabad is truly one of the most prestigious business schools in the country.

Here are some of the things that should add to your list of `Why should I go to IIM-Ahmedabad?’

IIM Ahmedabad


When we talk about IIM Ahmedabad, we only talk about the brightest minds of the country and forget to talk about the equally brilliant faculty that employs the most innovative ways to get through to the students. They use theatrics, philosophy, life lessons, and even Bollywood classics to teach management lessons. Undoubtedly, learning is fun at IIM Ahmedabad!


If you think IIM-Ahmedabad is only about studying & placements, let us tell you IIM-A is much more than that, and Prayas is its biggest example. Founded in 2003, Prayas is a social initiative for an academic project under Professor Anil Gupta. In the project, students at IIM-Ahmedabad teach underprivileged children living in the vicinity of the campus.

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“The Joy of Giving” Week

Every year, IIM-Ahmedabad celebrates “The Joy of Giving Week”, where students take some time off from their hectic on-campus schedule to serve the society around them. As part of this initiative, students conduct and participate in several activities such as clothes distribution drives, serving the on-campus staff, helping needy and underprivileged kids around the campus, etc.

IIM Ahmedabad

Campus for public

With so much hype around IIM-A, it is obvious that people would want to visit the campus, but much to their dismay, the campus is generally off-limits for the general public. There are only a few occasions when the people can visit the campus – like during the Joy of Giving Week as part of its Campus Walk and also during its 25 year old marketing fest–Insight.

Campus for students

IIM Ahmedabad has a serene campus with abundant greenery and aesthetic landscapes. In addition to this, the IIM-A campus also boasts of its latest and improved sports infrastructure, as new facilities are added to the campus for the students. A few include – squash court, basketball court, cricket ground, badminton court, frisbee ground, pool tables, carrom boards, and volleyball court. It allows the students to pick a sport that they enjoy the most!

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Off-Campus Life

If you think that fun for IIM-Ahmedabad students is only restricted to their campus, you may be wrong. IIM Ahmedabad is located in the heart of Ahmedabad city in Gujarat. Several malls and food joints are in close proximity, which gives students a chance to take a break from their busy schedules and unwind. For more than 30 years, students must have debated and discussed strategies, party plans, and much more at Rambhai’s tea stall during their time in IIM Ahmedabad. The tea stall is located just outside the campus.

IIM Ahmedabad


The logo of IIM Ahmedabad – Tree of Life, is inspired by the window of a 16th-century mosque in Ahmedabad. Popularly known as ‘Sidi Saiyyed Ni Jali’, the window is an exquisitely carved stone lattice-work jaali. After a year’s hard work, IIM Ahmedabad has recently got its distinctive logo copyrighted. After three years of brainstorming, ‘Tree of Life’ was developed under Hasan Taj, the then chief art director at Lintas.


Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Library is one of the most distinguished places on the IIM Ahmedabad campus to experience and explore. This library is settled in a five-storey building with designated floors for reading, working, class discussions, and seminars. The library also offers distinctive services like VR gear, 3D printing, and e-book readers. Additionally, IIM Ahmedabad students get free access to many legal, financial, and market databases, e-book collections, research journals, newspaper and magazine subscriptions such as Bloomberg, Thomas Reuters, Economist, Financial Times, NYT, etc.

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