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If you spend ten years collecting all the different rumours out there about what it takes to get into HBS, or Stanford GSB, or London Business School, you’ll end up with a million different recommendations. Of course, the actual set of key success factors for a Business School admit is much shorter. Here are 4 important points to keep in mind:

It is definitely not just based on the GMAT. The GMAT is one of many important components. The essays and the answers to some key questions play a big part in your interview call; the interview itself is a big eliminator. There are so many parts to the admit, that the GMAT is not the be all and end all; it is, however, very important.

A poor GMAT score can cause problems, but a good GMAT score does not guarantee admission. A very low GMAT score might cause a Business School to look hard at other portions of your application to gauge your Quant and Verbal skills, and you will be at a disadvantage. However, a score that is well above 710 is not an automatic admit, for the reasons listed above.

A large part of admission success is based on your overall professional profile. The holistic admissions criteria that most schools take into account make sure that your work experience and your achievements are given a very high weightage.

good professional profile

Even a Mark Zuckerberg would struggle to get an admit without a super impressive application; your resume, your answers, and your essays will need to be on point. This, of course, means that you will need the best Admissions Consultants in the business.

“Over more than two decades, Jamboree has seen huge success with our students applying to the top Business Schools in the world”. Here’s why:

We know that any profile can be highlighted in the best possible way. Our speciality is that we are able to give any candidate a realistic chance at a set of Business Schools 1020 ranking points above those that he / she might think are in his / her league. Our application writing experience is second to none.

We know current admissions trends, because our alumni are in the best BSchools. A large part of customising your application to different schools is knowing the composition of the latest batch accepted there, and the trends popular among the leadership of the school. This helps us predict what parts of your profile will be best to highlight, and our extensive network of success makes our predictions better.

businessIn the time between now and your application, we can advise you on how best to leverage your profile. Your profile is not a static document that needs to be dressed up in your application; it is, rather, a dynamic entity that can become much stronger between now and the time at which you have to apply to the schools of your choice. Whether you need more nonprofit work, or whether you should pour all your energies into ensuring a promotion in time, or whether you need greater cross-cultural experience, we will be able to advise you in the best possible way, on where the gaps are in your already impressive profile, and how you can most easily fill those gaps, in the least possible time.

Getting into the best MBA programs in the world is not easy, but a systematic application process can get you there. Experience the Jamboree way of doing things today!

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