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Aiming to do a PhD in Astrophysics from a good university in US or Canada, Purnima Narayan from Pune joined Jamboree’s GRE Live Online classes. In just two-and-a-half months of preparation, she scored a decent 320 on the GRE.

Asked about the unusual choice of online GRE prep in Pune where two Jamboree centers are present, she explains, “As I knew I was going to travel during prep time, I needed to be able to attend the classes from wherever I was. I wasn’t really skeptical about online training because I was pretty comfortable with video calls, typing and chatting. Moreover, the interface and instructions were pretty clear.”

Purnima was also pretty impressed with post-class support. “It was way beyond my expectations!” she says, “The professors took personal initiative. They were in constant touch through Whatsapp group. Though the classes were for five-and-a-half weeks or so, I actually spent more time in post-class sessions, clearing my doubts, attending refresher classes for revision and so on.”

She advises prospective GRE takers to have a plan in mind before they start. “It is important to know why you want to take the GRE,” she reflects, “Have an overview of the syllabus. Once you have that, you will understand the areas that you need help in. Stay in touch with your professors and keep analysing your mistakes on a daily basis.”

Well said, Purnima. We wish you luck in your study abroad journey!

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