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“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence” – Colin Powell

If someone has accommodated these words in his life, it would not be wrong to say that our alumnus, Archit Singhal, is one. Seeking perfection in his every endeavour, he has achieved another perfection – GMAT Perfect 780.

Archit, an NSIT graduate with an engineering degree in computer science, decided to pursue his MBA dream and joined Jamboree’s LIVE classes. With his hard work and Jamboree’s support, he scored whopping 780, and secured himself a seat in the prestigious ISB.

To help our students understand his work schedule & plan of action, we asked him several questions, which he answered enthusiastically & patiently. Let’s check out what he has to say on our questions.

For first, let’s understand his take on his dream of studying in ISB, and when did he started preparing for GMAT.

Interviewer: Congratulations on your success & securing your seat in ISB. Our students would love to know that when did you decide to take the GMAT exam?

Archit: I was in my final year. And due to Covid and all, there was uncertainty, all around. And I thought this is the right time to take the GMAT because I obviously wanted to do an MBA for a successful career. So, I decided to take the GMAT. I took the exam in June last year, but I started my preparation in January.

Interviewer: So, you spent about six months on your preparation?

Archit: Yeah, I mean, it wasn’t a regular six months towards the preparation itself, as I had to give my college exams as well. Also, the pandemic had reached its peak during the months of April and May, which affected my preparation. But overall, yeah, six months.

Archit gives a lot of the credit of his success to the mock tests he took. Here is he explaining how mock tests helped him achieve the GMAT score of Perfect 780.

Interviewer: So, Archit. How was your six month’s preparation journey? How many mock tests did you take? How much time did you spend in your classes?

Archit: My batch started in the last week of January and lasted till the first week of March. So, that was the period when I attended the classes and learned the concepts.

During April and somewhat May, I dedicatedly practised questions available on the Jamboree portal. I completed the entire question bank and took all the mock tests available on the portal, which definitely helped me a lot. I also took all the mock tests available on and I did take a few more, which I could gather around from my friends and other sources.

Overall, I took around 20 mock tests. I think mock tests are particularly very important to understand how to manage the time, and how to pace yourself to ensure that you complete all the questions, and how comfortable are you with the entire GMAT format.

Being an engineering graduate, Archit was comfortable with Quant, but how he aced the Verbal section, it is interesting to listen the story directly from him.

Interviewer: When you are preparing and taking the full-length mock tests – What were the sections, which were you felt you were not strong. Or where you felt that you should give more time?

Archit: Because I have a full engineering background, I was very comfortable with Quant from the day one itself.

Verbal is one section, where I was struggling. So, yeah Verbal was something where I basically needed help and guidance. Here, Jamboree helped me a lot. And I am thankful to Jamboree that I was able to achieve such a good score.

Interviewer: So, when you say you needed help. Did you mean in terms of doubt clearing sessions or in terms of content available on the platform?

Archit: Attending Jamboree classes basically helped me understand how to approach a question. What are the basic concepts that I should know, and what are the basic things that I need to look into a question? Jamboree also helped me with tips and tricks to help me solve the question faster.

During the Covid, when everything moved online, Jamboree was no different. And, Archit joined our Online classes. See Archit talking about his experience with Jamboree’s online classes.

Interviewer: Archit, you prepared for GMAT completely through online classes, so how would rate your experience of learning?

Archit: I think everything has its pros and cons. A big pro of having my online classes was that I could get the 9 to 12 slot at night. That’s a slot I would have never opted in the physical setting, as coming back from classes at 12 at night is not feasible. Another pro of online classes was accessing the recordings, which helped me revise the sections taught the last night.

I think the online platform is better as it can help you prepare if you are dedicated towards it.

Interviewer: When you came to Jamboree classes whether it is for Math or Verbal? Were you exposed to some techniques or strategies that you probably hadn’t thought or tried earlier? Also, was there any wow kind of moment for you like, “Oh I would have never thought like that”?

Archit: Yes. And a big reason that I was able to do well in the Verbal section is because of the guidance and the methods that Jamboree taught me.

At Jamboree, we had a structured method of how to approach a question. You need to follow that approach, and once you start following that approach, solving the question, and finding the right answer becomes easier. The process that Jamboree teaches has been really helpful to me.

Interviewer: Did you take the GMAT exam at the physical centre or you took the online version of it?

Archit: No, I took the test Online.

Jamboree’s integrated online portal offers several features, like score predictor, access to interactive HD videos, study plan and more. Archit talks about the tools that helped him during his GMAT preparation.

Interviewer: So Archit, you have used the Jamboree portal extensively. If you must pick the top two or three features that you have found really helpful. What would they be?

Archit: Ahh…I think post classes, when you self-study and practice questions, you need a good collection of questions, in a very well-structured manner. The portal provides you a question bank with a collection of questions you may expect in the GMAT exam. These questions can be attempted in timed manner and comes with explanation.

Another thing is its user-friendly interface. Score predictor is another feature that has helped me become more realistic towards my preparation.

Interviewer: So, when we talk about Jamboree score predictor, what were the scores that you were getting close to the exam?

Archit: I was getting around 750 to 780 in the mock tests. This is actually very close to the actual score that I have achieved. I got a 780.

We, at Jamboree, believe that all the resources that we provide to our students for test prep are more than enough. Let’s see what our students have to say on this.

Interviewer: Archit, can you recommend any prep materials for our readers?

Archit: I would recommend the OG material – official guide from the test makers. There are questions in this guide which you can practice.

Interviewer: Did you use resources other than Jamboree?

Archit: With Jamboree, you do not need other sources. Jamboree’s study material is more than enough. Plus, it is better to perfect one approach rather than checking hundred other things.

Definitely this interactive interview would be incomplete without the parting words from the Champion of Jamboree. Let’s hear what he has to say about the whole GMAT test prep and what advice would he give to the students.

Interviewer: Anything else that you want to add.

Archit: I know I would be repeating myself, but I think if you are starting your preparation, just trust the process and practice as much as you can. Because beyond a point nobody can help you more than you help yourself.

A mentor can guide you, but actually solving the question is only in your hand. So do practice a lot! Utilise the Jamboree portal, because that is a wonderful portal and has all the questions that you will ever need for practice.

Archit is one of the many students who have made Jamboree proud. We wish him best of luck for the future. You can watch the complete interview here.

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