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Are you standing at the crossroads of your academic journey, trying to decide between the GMAT and GRE for your MBA dreams? We’ve been there, and let us tell you, it’s like staring at a menu with two equally tempting dishes. How do you choose? Well, in this blog post, we’ll dive into the MBA admissions world, talk about whether those prestigious business schools are cool with both GRE and GMAT scores, and help you figure out what’s the best fit for you. 

In this blog:

  1. How should you choose between GMAT and GRE for MBA?
  2. Top B-Schools Accepting GRE for MBA 
  3. Which universities don’t ask for a GRE or GMAT score?
  4. What is more preferable for an MBA, the GMAT or GRE?
  5. Average GRE Scores for Top B-Schools

How should you choose between GMAT and GRE for MBA?

Given below are some key factors to keep in mind before choosing between GMAT or GRE for MBA:

  1. Selection of the graduate program you intend to pursue: If you’re uncertain about the specific graduate program, opting for the GRE is a wise choice. However, if your goal is to enhance your career prospects through an MBA, the GMAT is the recommended test.
  2. Relevance of skills assessed by each test: The GMAT and GRE present differing levels of difficulty. Many individuals perceive the GMAT’s Quant section to be more challenging. In contrast, the GRE’s verbal section places greater emphasis on vocabulary, while the GMAT’s verbal section focuses more on meaning and grammar.
  3. Impact on MBA scholarships and post-MBA salary: Attaining a high GMAT score significantly improves your chances of receiving an MBA scholarship. In contrast, GRE scores do not typically factor into scholarship considerations. Several industries, especially consulting and finance, often explicitly request GMAT scores during the recruitment process. Furthermore, a strong correlation exists between GMAT scores and post-MBA salaries.
  4. Policies of your target business schools: It’s essential to determine whether any of the business schools you’re interested in favour the GMAT over the GRE. If they do, it is advisable to take the GMAT to align with their preferences.

Top B-Schools Accepting GRE for MBA 

Here is a list of top B-Schools accepting GRE for MBA programs:

B-Schools in the USA accepting GRE scores B-Schools in Canada that accept GRE scores B-Schools in Europe that accept GRE scores
Harvard Business School Yale School of Management University of Western Ontario – Ivey London Business School
Stanford Graduate School of Business University of Michigan Ann Arbor – Ross HEC Montreal University of Cambridge – Judge
Wharton School Carnegie Mellon University – Tepper University of British Columbia – Sauder Oxford University – Said
Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Sloan University of Virginia – Darden York University – Schulich University of Manchester
Columbia Business School Georgetown University – McDonough University of Toronto: Rotman Cranfield University
Cornell University – Johnson Emory University – Goizueta University of Toronto HEC Paris
Northwestern University – Kellogg University of Texas Austin – McCombs McGill University INSEAD
New York University – Stern University of North Carolina Chapel Hill – Kenan Flagler University of Alberta IMD
University of Chicago – Booth University of Illinois Urbana Champaign McMaster University University of St. Gallen
University of California Berkeley – Haas Vanderbilt University – Owen Queen’s University IESE Business School
Dartmouth College – Tuck Washington University in St. Louis – Olin Concordia University ESADE
Duke University – Fuqua York University
Quebec University
Brock University

Which universities don’t ask for a GRE or GMAT score?

We have compiled a list of the best MBA programs in 2023-24 that do not necessarily require the GMAT or GRE. This list serves as a tool for those looking to pursue MBA without GMAT or GRE scores.

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University/ B-School Location GMAT/GRE Score Requirement
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan) Cambridge, MA They do offer waivers in certain cases.
New York University (Stern) New York, NY They do offer waivers in certain cases.
Cornell University (Johnson) Ithaca, NY For the 2023—2024 application cycle, candidates had the option to request a test waiver
University of California–Los Angeles (Anderson) Los Angeles, CA No GMAT/GRE score required the fall of 2023
University of Rochester (Simon) Rochester, NY They do offer waivers in certain cases.
Michigan State University (Broad) East Lansing, MI Score requirement is flexible for MBA applicants
Fordham University (Gabelli) New York, NY Standardised tests are not a requirement

What is more preferable for an MBA, the GMAT or GRE?

Do B-Schools prefer GMAT over GRE for MBA?

The GRE’s reputation and adoption in MBA program admissions have witnessed a steady rise in recent years. A growing number of prospective business school candidates are opting for the GRE as their preferred standardised test.

While more business schools are embracing the GRE as a valid option for MBA program admissions, it’s important to note that the GMAT remains the favoured choice among the top-tier business schools during the admission process. Given the continued prominence of the GMAT, one must carefully consider whether to choose the GRE for MBA program admissions.

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Average GRE Scores for Top B-Schools

Here is a list of average GRE score requirement for MBA in top B-Schools: 

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In the session 2021-2022, the percentage of MBA students who submitted GRE scores for MBA admission tripled from 7.6% in 2016-2017 to 22.9%!

Best Business Schools Total Verbal Quant AWA
Yale SOM 329 165 164 4.7
Stanford GSB 329 165 164 4.9
Harvard Business School 328 164 164 NA
UCLA (Anderson) 328 164 164 4.5
UC-Berkeley (Haas) 325 164 161 5
Virginia (Darden) 323 162 161 5
Cornell (Johnson) 322 161 161 4.5
Duke (Fuqua) 321 161 160 4.5
Carnegie Mellon (Tepper) 321 159 162 4
Michigan (Ross) 320 160 160 4.5
Dartmouth (Tuck) 319 161 158 4.8
Texas (McCombs) 316 158 158 4.3
UNC (Kenan-Flagler) 316 159 157 4
Notre Dame (Mendoza) 315 158 157 4.4
Georgetown (McDonough) 314 157 157 4.3

If you’re considering taking the GMAT or GRE exam, we recommend that you research the requirements and expectations of the business schools that you’re interested in. Determine what GMAT/ GRE score range they are looking for and other factors they consider important in their admissions decisions. Although the internet comes with a range of information, most are unreliable.

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