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“I had planned on giving the GMAT last year,” says ISB-hopeful Govinda Lalwani, “but my job was being an impediment.” A computer engineering graduate from Pune University, Govinda had some years ago, gone the self-preparation way, taken the GMAT and scored a 620. “At that time I didn’t have anyone telling me what to do while preparing. I ended up repeating stuff and it reflected on my score,” he regrets.

On recommendation of a friend, he joined GMAT classes at Jamboree Pune. “Once classes started I thought I had a head start. But I was wrong at certain moments,” he admits, “Here (at Jamboree) I didn’t have to hunt for stuff at ten places. Everything, from start to finish, is mentioned in the books. I got all the concepts at one place. I got a map which I just had to follow.”

Asked about his test day experience, Govinda replies, “In my first GMAT I was a bit nervous. But yesterday, I was confident. After giving so many mocks it felt like just another mock!”

“Follow whatever approach your teachers suggest and take as many mocks as possible,” he advises, “20 plus mocks is necessary if you want that your final exam should be just a repetition.”

Govinda scored a 720 on the GMAT and is planning to apply to ISB.

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