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Are you having a hard time fitting your SAT test prep between classes, school projects, and hobbies? If yes, that should be your cue to prepare for SAT online. Studying SAT online allows you to cover your SAT coursework at your own pace and convenience and is one of the best ways to approach the test. But there’s a catch! Studying SAT online also implies spending hours researching your available options and resources, and in this blog, we will do that for you. Let’s go!

In this blog:

  1. How to study SAT online
  2. SAT Online Mock Test
  3. SAT Online Study Plan
  4. SAT Online Classes
  5. Free Access to SAT Online Testing Portal

How to study SAT online

You have a set schedule for classes, tuition, school work, etcetera. Understandably it is not easy for everyone to piece out a set number of hours in the daytime to prepare for SAT. And that’s where SAT online prep comes into the picture. 

When you study for the SAT online, you have the liberty to take classes wherever you can. You can also take or repeat lectures on the go. So how exactly can you start studying for SAT online? 

The first natural step is to look for free resources for SAT online. A simple search can tell you that there are many. However, finding relevant free resources for SAT online is not always easy. So, in the upcoming sections, we will discuss the type of SAT online resources you should look out for and the places where you can find them.

SAT Online Mock Test

If there were an award for the most in-demand SAT Online study material, it would definitely go to free SAT mock tests. There are eight downloadable full-length SAT online practice tests on the College Board’s official website; you can ration these (among others) throughout your test prep. And if you don’t have enough official SAT practice tests, Jamboree’s free SAT online mock test is the closest you can get to the actual exam. The test has been specially designed to check precisely how SAT-ready you are, with the type of questions that regularly appear on the SAT. Click here to take the test.

SAT Online Study Plan

SAT Online Study Plan works as a clear plan of action that you can use before you kick start your SAT preparation. It helps you understand the milestones you must hit every week during your preparation journey and sets you off on the right track.

Typically your SAT test prep can take anywhere between 2-4 months or more, depending on your current level of aptitude. Given below is a tried and tested SAT online Study Plan that can be customised to the number of months/days left for your exam date. This is a blueprint of what your week-to-week preparation should look like. Feel free to cram or relax the flow of tasks based on the number of days you have before the test. Click here to download the free Study Plan.

SAT Online Classes

It goes without saying that students always have the option to go for SAT online training classes if they feel the need for it. If your day-to-day routine does not allow you to opt for classroom or live training classes, you still have the option to study SAT online through pre-recorded lectures.  

Online classes are one of the best ways to fasttrack your SAT test prep with ease and at your own pace. With Jamboree’s SAT Online Training Program, you can access pre-recorded concept videos that use a simplified teaching methodology. Further, you can also learn how to solve problems step by step during your live doubt clearing sessions with the faculty. Click here to book a demo class.

Free Access to SAT Online Testing Portal

Trial Access to SAT Online Portal is a whole new ball game of free resources. It includes a range of different resources from score predictors to sectional tests, data analysis to practice questions & much more. Thus, you can totally say that the free access to SAT online portal of a test prep institution is the ultimate king of freebies. Let’s now get to the next obvious question, who is even doing that? We hate to bring it up again, but Jamboree is! Yes, you can now fully access Jamboree’s SAT online testing portal for free during your trial period. Click here to get free access.

Have more questions about SAT test prep or admissions? We can help! Connect with our counsellors for a free 15-minute consultation session and resolve all your doubts!

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