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A BITS-Pilani Computer Science Engineer, Ameya Deshpande, had been working with CISCO Systems for the past five years when he decided to pursue an MBA abroad. Choosing the self-preparation way a year ago and not finding much success with it (he scored a GMAT 670), Ameya joined Jamboree.

“It was on the recommendation of seniors at work that I visited Jamboree FC Road center. We analysed my ESR and worked out the weak areas. The next one and a half months were spent working on these,” he says.

Ameya found his test-day experience to be pretty similar to the first one. “Since it was the second attempt and I knew what to expect, I think that was what helped me keep my nerves. I found the initial quant questions to be a bit tough, but as I got into the zone I did pretty well towards the end. In the verbal section, I found the RCs to be on the tricky side and that is where I thought my score dipped a bit. But that is part and parcel of any exam,” he avers.

His advice to GMAT aspirants: “You need to plan out your GMAT journey. It may take a couple of months for someone and 3-4 months for someone else. It is important too, to find and work on your weak areas so that you can build your concepts.”

Ameya scored a 720 on the GMAT and is looking forward to applying to B-schools in India and abroad.

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