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“I cannot prepare at home. I mean, I barely study at home!” confesses Ajinkya Demda, explaining how he found the lab and library at Jamboree Pune center particularly useful, once his GRE classes were over.

On why he chose Jamboree, this Pune University engineering grad says, “I figured that as Jamboree has 35 centers, I would be competing on a national level during mock tests. This would give me an idea of where I stand.”

For GRE aspirants, he advises: “As far as Jamboree study material is concerned, it is more than enough. It is sufficient, comprehensive and thorough. Further, the more questions that you come across, the more your confidence grows.”

“I am a very slow reader,” he admits, “It used to take me 3-4 minutes to read the passage which is a lot! What I learned was that you’re not supposed to study the passage, but to attack it. I also experimented with different techniques during mock tests and worked out the one that I was most comfortable with.”

Ajinkya scored a brilliant 333 on the GRE and intends to pursue MSc Finance at LSE or HEC Paris. We wish him success!

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