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Are you in high school? Have you decided to study abroad? That’s great news, you’ve got one major life decision out of the way. So which country did you pick? Is it the US? A fantastic choice!

US is a great destination for Indian students looking to pursue their undergraduate studies. With many research opportunities, universities in the US offer practical and theoretical learning. What’s more? Some undergraduate research options don’t just give you hands-on learning, they pay you a stipend! Thousands of students all over the world enrol in American universities every year, and there are over 200,000 students from India alone. This provides you with unlimited international exposure and helps you interact with people from all kinds of cultures. It’s a major plus point when talking about placements as many MNCs value exposure and multiculturalism.

Above all, the best thing about universities in the US is the wide range of programs that they offer. No matter what area your interest lies in, look it up, and you’ve got a degree in the US that offers it. Interested in finance and good with computers? Columbia University has a financial engineering program. Or how about biology fused with technology? Cornell University has a Biomedical Engineering program. Apart from this, the major program and minor program concepts of American universities help you choose two completely unrelated fields to study and do both at the same time. Endless options, indeed.

Are you convinced that the US is a great fit for you? In that case, let’s get on with your university applications. Most universities perform a holistic review on students who apply, meaning that colleges don’t just consider your SAT scores. There are multiple components to a good application, like a letter of recommendation, a letter of intent and an essay, but that is an article for another time so keep watching this space for more info.

A really important aspect of your application is your high school academic performance. The American numerical grading system, also known as the 4.0 scale is a standard way to measure students’ performance in the US. As the name implies, students are given a score that lies between 1.0 and 4.0. With 4.0 being a perfect GPA that is equivalent to an A grade.

While going about your university application or scholarship application, you might be required to fill in your high school marks or percentage in a 4.0 GPA format. Colleges like the University of Illinois, Iowa State University, Penn State, Texas A&M, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, state their GPA requirements and average student performance in the 4.0 scale. And this is precisely the point of this article, to help you convert your marks/grade/percentage into the 4.0 scale so you can know where you stand with respect to other students that apply, and students that get in. India has a lot of senior secondary boards of education that grade people differently through marks, percentage, or a 10.0 scale.



Letter Grade

97-100 % 4.33 or 4.0 A+
93-96 % 4.00 A
90-92 % 3.67 A-
87-89 % 3.33 B+
83-86 % 3.00 B
80-82 % 2.67 B-
77-79 % 2.33 C+
73-76 % 2.0 C
70-72 % 1.67 C-
67-69 % 1.33 D+
63-66 % 1.00 D
60-62% 0.67 D-
0-59 % 0.00 F

Most universities in the US today offer students the option of simply stating their high school performance as shown in their transcripts, in a percentage or marks format. However, some colleges and scholarship applications evaluate a student’s performance through the regular American grading system, for this reason, it is important to know where you stand. Apart from university applications, quite a few institutes grade students in the 4.0 GPA format in the undergraduate and graduate levels as well.

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