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What is profile building?

Universities abroad follow a holistic approach to admissions as opposed to Indian universities which conduct an entrance exam to judge the potential of the students applying. As pursuing higher studies abroad gains pace, with increasing competition, showcasing a strong profile becomes vital.

Profile building process basically consists of developing skills such as working in a team, collecting and analyzing data, delivering under pressure, etc. This is a feat which you can achieve through internships, volunteer work, summer schools, etc. When you work on a project as a part of a team, you learn different aspects of the project, and how to manage and solve the problems which might arise while the project is underway.

Why do research work?

Research work gives you the freedom of experimentation and gives you the opportunity to learn new things in new ways. It helps you to hone your problem-solving skills and learn different techniques, which you might not have been exposed to before during your studies.

A publication in a good journal with a high impact factor or presenting your research work in a conference gets the attention of the right people from the field and you get to add a certificate or a publication in your curriculum vitae. This helps your profile stand out from the rest and adds a feather in your cap at the same time.

Benefits of research work:

  • You get hands-on experience of completing a research project. The planning, execution and management which goes into it helps you in learning how to handle a project on an individual basis.
  • You might be assigned a faculty member as your guide. So you get to learn a variety of skills from the guide owing to their expertise. You also get to build a rapport with them due to your daily interaction. This helps you grow your network in the field of your interest.
  • You might get extra credits or awards for recognizing your efforts in the research field.
  • You learn invaluable skills like finding and organizing information, critical reasoning, data analysis and management, time management, multi-tasking, etc.
  • Learn to effectively communicate your ideas and gain a perspective about other people’s work and look at it critically.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the social or scientific world, by developing the hypothesis and considering variables or groups of variables affecting it.
  • You get an opportunity to build your leadership, teamwork and research skills as you collaborate with others.
  • You might learn the process of grant application, how to write a grant and the skills required for an approval for funding.
  • The hands-on experience which you get is unmatched by the theoretical knowledge which you learn sitting in your classroom. Applying the theoretical knowledge to real world problems is also a skill which many lack due to inexperience.
  • Expand your horizon and explore new avenues in your field.

How to find the opportunity for research work during your studies?

If the research work is not a part of your curriculum, then you might have to venture on your own to search for such an opportunity. If the work is part of your studies, the school or university might make the arrangements for your research work.

At Jamboree-Lumiere Research Scholar Program, we put you in touch with world-class research mentors from top universities like Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, LSE, etc. These researchers are currently pursuing their PhD or have already completed it. But more importantly, they have a passion for inculcating and nurturing research aptitude in high schoolers and undergrad students. Know more about applying to our research scholar program here.

This experience of making an application and appearing for an interview works as a warm-up for you when you apply for jobs later on upon finishing your studies. Early exposure to such opportunities makes you work hard on your mistakes and helps in better preparation for future experiences.

How does it help to build your profile?

A student should take advantage of every opportunity presented to them during their study period as no one has ever said you have learnt enough. There is always something to learn from and working outside your school/university exposes you to various things and helps you grow out of your cocoon. The various benefits listed above are missed out on if you do not take up research work during the time available to you. No learning experience ever goes to waste and the knowledge gained can be applied in one form or another.

Universities abroad value research work done outside the syllabus and at the same time, it helps you expand your horizon, making it a win-win situation.

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