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If you are here, you already know how crucial IELTS is for your journey to study abroad. And who doesn’t make use of IELTS resources to up their test prep game, especially when they are FREE! In this blog, Jamboree brings you details of free resources for IELTS mock tests, study material, and more.


1.    How do IELTS Mock Tests help?
2.    IELTS Mock Tests
3.    Free IELTS Study Material
4.    Free IELTS Demo Class
5.    Free IELTS Study Plan
6.    FAQs

How do IELTS Mock Tests help?

Mock tests are a critical element of any test prep. Taking the IELTS mock tests will give you an idea of the test structure, the types of questions you’ll get, and where you stand in various sections. A thorough analysis of your practice tests will give you a clear picture of the topics that need more attention.

Since IELTS questions require English proficiency and conceptual clarity, taking enough mock tests will give you both. Mock tests also prepare you better for the final day of the exam since you have already practiced under time constraints and test day settings.

IELTS Exam Dates 2022

IELTS Mock Tests

We cannot stress enough the role mock tests play towards a high score for any standardized test. IELTS mock tests put you through exam-like situations, introducing you to all kinds of challenging questions and stepping up your regular test prep. You can take mock tests on the official site of ETS, which has test links for all four sections of the exam: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

However, no amount of IELTS mock tests is enough. When done with the official mock tests, come to the next best stop-Jamboree. The IELTS mock tests of Jamboree have been specifically designed to test how IELTS-ready you are.

Get IELTS test-ready now!

Free IELTS Study Material

Before jumping deep into IELTS test preparation, make sure you have all the required study material to ace this exam. You don’t want to find yourself all over the place looking for quality study material and practice questions after a few weeks into the prep. The questions for IELTS can be expansive and varied. It is imperative that you practice quality resources and build an effective question bank.

We understand the dearth of quality questions for IELTS mock tests, but we have a solution. Follow our blogs for quality IELTS mock test questions, answers, and in-depth explanations. You can also get hold of expert teaching and simplified learning techniques.

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Free IELTS Demo Class

Why should you take an IELTS demo class? Because it helps! It helps you determine how beneficial classroom training will prove for you and how significant of an impact it will have on your IELTS score. Demo classes help you gain insights into valuable information. Jamboree has just the thing for you- a free IELTS demo class.

Book a free IELTS demo class.

Have you taken the IELTS before?

Free IELTS Study Plan

Don’t enter the arena without a stellar plan if you want to win. You need to lay out a clear plan of action that you will follow for your IELTS test prep. A study plan helps you set milestones and gives your test prep a direction. Often, it’s challenging to make a full-proof study plan with so many things at hand. Irrespective of the point you are at in your career, we suggest you go ahead with a strategic plan.

To make things easier for you, we have designed your very own IELTS Study Plan for you. Tailor it to your needs, and get started right away.


  • What is the registration fee for IELTS?

The IELTS test fee is INR 15,500

  • How many times in a year is the IELTS exam held?

IELTS is offered on specific days of the year. One can access the whole schedule, which can vary depending on the city, by following the given link

  • How many times can I take the IELTS?

IELTS can be taken an unlimited number of times. However, it is highly advisable not to appear for IELTS too many times as it may affect the applicant’s candidature.

  • Do I need the IELTS score at the time of applying to universities?

Yes, you do need to have the IELTS score with you when you apply.

Have more questions about IELTS test prep? We can help you! Book a free fifteen-minute session with our expert and get answers to all your questions.

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