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INSEAD is one of the most recognized global business schools in the world. Students from across the globe work hard to achieve required INSEAD GMAT Score. Once you get an admit in the college, you not only enhance your career prospects but also place yourself on the global map.

While INSEAD is a sureshot way to success, but you cannot ignore the vivid & diverse experience you will get. Spanning one year, three countries, hundreds of cultures, and thousands of learning tools, your INSEAD experience will definitely be like no other.

Here are a few things that set INSEAD apart:

  1. There is true global exposure

    INSEAD now has three campuses – in France, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. Indian students often try to rotate among the three INSEAD campuses to get global exposure & diverse impact on their prospective. The very fact that you are given an in-depth look at three of the most vibrant economies in the world today is eye-opening. In addition, looking closely at three different ways of doing business is something that will make you a truly global business leader. Not to mention, a very happy tourist, as well!

  2. You get done in a year

    INSEAD was the first business school in the world to offer a one year MBA. Today, they offer even more flexibility. You can start in September and end in 10 months if you’re not looking for a summer internship as part of your program. If you want a summer internship included, you can start in January and graduate in December. This has many clear advantages – less time, more focus, an emphasis on making choices quickly – but also means that your course will be academically busy and that you might not have the time to completely explore the full range of electives. However, this should not be an issue; INSEAD occupies the sweet spot between an executive MBA and a full-time 2-year MBA.

  3. You need to decide quickly

    INSEAD opens more doors, possibly, than any other business school in the world. With the dazzling array of choices available, it can sometimes be hard to make the right one. But you definitely do need to quickly zero down on what exactly you want to use the MBA for so that you can get the most out of your experience. One disclaimer: even being unsure is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you’re able to use the breadth of experiences that INSEAD affords you to eliminate choices.

  4. INSEAD uses cutting-edge learning tools

    INSEAD has recognized that the best learning comes through doing and has created multiple learning environments that look like they should be from the future. For example, the Business Simulation Games that INSEAD pioneered are some of the best examples of how Marketing and Strategy can be learnt in a non-corporate situation, and multiple other IT tools are used to make INSEAD more and more like the Business School of the future.

  5. INSEAD students were once among the oldest MBA students, but the average has moved towards the global normal recently

    A few years ago, the median age for INSEAD MBA students was a little north of 30, but the recruiting patterns have changed significantly in the past few years; INSEAD now sees a significant proportion of younger people applying, and the median is now much closer to 28, nearer to where other top global business schools are.

  6. If you’re a family business leader, INSEAD has something tailored to you

    The Family Enterprise Challenge, and multiple professors and business leaders who have consulted with small and medium businesses on making the transition from being family enterprises to being professionally run globally ready companies. So, if you’ve always wanted to take your dad’s business to the next level, INSEAD could equip you with the best cutting-edge tools to make that happen.

Now that you’ve had a close look at INSEAD, it’s time to set in place a long-term plan to get there. Whether it’s understanding INSEAD GMAT score, exam preparation, application fine-tuning, interview prep or just general guidance you’re after, our Jamboree admission counselling experts can help.

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