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When we dream of studying abroad one thing that bothers us the most is the cost of studying in the USA. As students, we all want to get the best education but at the same time we worry about the cost we will have to bear once we go abroad to pursue our studies.

The overall cost of studying in the USA for Indian students will primarily include 2 things: tuition fee and living expenses. However, the total cost varies from university to university and from course to course.

Sources of Finance for Education Abroad usa-flag-map

Funding the education is a major concern for many students who want to pursue their higher education abroad. However, there are various options available for the same and they are:


Scholarships are given to students based on various parameters. It could be depending upon their academic records or extracurricular achievements in athletics, dance, music etc. These scholarships can be awarded to the students by the International Universities, the Government, private companies and more. However, each organisation has its own specific criteria for awarding scholarships to international students

Educational Loans:

Loans help students achieve their dreams of getting higher education abroad. Unlike Scholarships, loans need to be paid back to the respective banks along with the due interest.

Personal funds:

It has been seen that most of the international students in the US are funded by their families and relatives. The personal funds are generally used to cater to the living expenses of the Indian students in the USA. So, this is one thing you should definitely explore.

International Organisations:

There are many international organisations like World health Organisation who provide financial assistance to international students to encourage cultural diversity in the US. These financial assistances can include both tuition fee & cost of living in the USA.

Apart from these, what are the other sources via which we can sponsor our own expenses when studying in a foreign country like US?


The following provisions are available for an international student to earn while studying:

Working on campus:

While studying a student is allowed to work on campus for 20 hours/ week. This really helps a student earn some extra money.

Teaching Assistantship:

A student can assist any teacher with his/her work and in turn he is awarded financial aid to support his education (It is usually available after 1 year/semester).

Research Assistantship:

Students are employed as researchers on temporary basis. They mainly help in carrying out a research. Like teaching assistantship, here also students are given monetary compensations for their work (It is usually available after 1 year/semester).


These financial grants are given to students depending upon their performance and competence.

External Scholarships:

These are scholarships given to international students by external sources like Common Wealth, Ford Foundation etc.

Moreover, International students are required to maintain a certain CGPA in order to avail funding from a university.

So, if you are determined to get the best education in the world then financial constraints will be the last to trouble you. So, evaluate your options and realize your dreams. For more information visit nearest center!

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