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Ask any working professional across the globe, and they are bound to agree that an MBA is one of the most valued degrees that immediately opens doors to many different avenues. A Masters in Business Administration from a reputed B-school is exceptionally effective for launching a lucrative career. It is for this exact reason that thousands of students dream about pursuing an MBA overseas.

However, in the majority of cases, one aspect of the application requirements becomes a big point of concern – Work Experience. Several universities in the US and Canada are looking for candidates with at least some work experience. For some, the more, the merrier. This criterion may be a deterrent for Indian students considering an MBA immediately after graduation. At that juncture of their educational journey, many aspirants are yet to find the time or opportunities required to build an impactful profile in terms of professional exposure.

Nonetheless, there is always a way to navigate the situation and pursue your MBA from a B-school of your liking. Several renowned business programs consider applicants with little or no work experience, giving weightage to other equally essential and accessible factors during the evaluation process. Let’s check out a few.


1. Pace University

Located in the dynamic New York City, Pace University’s flagship MBA program enables students to pursue exciting specializations such as business analytics, accounting, corporate finance, investment management, information systems, marketing management, talent management and strategy and international trade.

2. University of Tampa

At the University of Tampa, international students pursuing an MBA truly appreciate the flexible program structure. The course’s academic content incorporates important aspects of 21st-century business ecosystem such as ethics, social responsibility, critical thinking, global business knowledge, business leadership, innovation, and technology.

3. Clark University

Clark University promises students a collaborative learning environment where peers and professors can study and discuss management solutions. The course aims students to explore new streams of thought and while building on core competencies of an MBA, such as accounting and finance. The greater focus is on exploring the political, ethical, social and environmental responsibilities of the management function.

4. University of New Haven

Ideal for fresh graduates with little work experience, MBA at the University of New Haven combines rigorous academics with internships that help students build their portfolio for real-world opportunities. Concentrations like Data Analysis, Financial Analysis, Marketing and Digital Marketing are STEM-certified.

5. CSU Fresno

CSU Fresno’s MBA has been consistently appreciated as a ground-breaking course by the Princeton Review. Moreover, it is a part of an elite community of international graduate business programs accredited by the reputed Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The school collaborates with several MBAs who hold prestigious positions in the business world, giving students real-world exposure.


6. Brock University

MBA at Brock University aids students in transforming their careers by significantly enhancing employability and professional opportunities. Students can specialize in Accounting, Business Analytics, Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Operations Management.

7. University of Windsor

At the University of Windsor, the MBA program consists of lectures, case studies, analysis of actual client presentations, computer stimulations and detailed survey of cutting-edge business practices. The course is structured to ensure maximum return on investment made by international students for their education.

8. Thompson Rivers University

TRU’s MBA ranks high in terms of student satisfaction because of its flexible course structure. Students are given full freedom to explore the curriculum, focusing on interest areas like entrepreneurship or management research. The program offers thesis, project or course-based completion options.

9. New York Institute of Technology, Vancouver

MBA at NYIT, Vancouver, has close connections with the Vancouver business industry and gives students real-world insights into the functioning of company operations and leadership. The instructors bring decades of extensive know-how to the table, enriching the learning experience of students.

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10. Vancouver Island University

MBA at VIT is one of Canada’s most technologically-advanced programs with data analytics built into the course content. It has an intensive structure, spread across 20-months with competitive modules, a 4-month internship and an applied business project. The course encourages interaction with industry mentors, a beneficial experience for the students.

Narrowing down on a university of your choice can be a daunting process. Especially when everyone you know stresses on work experience as the prerequisite. However, the universities mentioned above have a balanced admissions process where applicants who have not had the opportunity to gain professional exposure can apply without a second thought and be assured of a course that trains them for a bright career ahead. If you are at college and are thinking to pursue an MBA without significant work experience, connect with our counsellors for a 15-minute session and they will guide you how to build other aspects of your profile to increase your chances of admission in a good MBA program.

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