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Many students globally take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) for gaining entry to graduate programs in the USA and elsewhere. But, the information about the true nature of the exam remains hazy and many wonder when to take the exam and how to prepare it through the best GRE coaching.

Importance of GRE

GRE is an exam which does not test candidates on in-depth knowledge of the sciences or arts but is a general test on logical, verbal and quantitative abilities. But many colleges, especially in the US require a GRE score of a candidate and make it mandatory for potential applicants to score within a particular percentile.

In reality, it only implies that the college or school desires that the applicant must demonstrate his or her ability to take a standardized test on a computer-based platform and secure a pass. This is also the reason why some colleges do not demand GRE scores; they do not regard a GRE score as much reflective of the prowess of the applicant.

What Score To Target

Many colleges stipulate that potential applicant must have a GRE score within the 50th percentile for both quantitative and verbal sections. A good score to aim for is a combined score of 300 plus (at least 150 in each section).

Relevance of GPA

Many students wonder whether a high GRE score can make up for a low GPA in the undergraduate course. The bad news is that it cannot. Most colleges put more emphasis on factors like GPA, Letters of recommendation etc.

This is because the GRE is not science-based and gives no indication on how well you will do in graduate school. All said and done, a GRE score is not going to hurt you but only remember that it can’t make up for a low GPA.

When to Take the GRE

A cycle of applications for graduate school typically begins in April, but most programs have due dates sometime in the fall (October, September, August). You can find the due dates by doing some online research.

The key fact is that you must have your GRE scores ready before the due date for application to the graduate course. For this, experts recommend that GRE must be taken in February to April. The reason is you need to take the test early so that you have enough time to re-study when you retake the exam. Also, you don’t want the stress of preparing for the exam to affect you when you are preparing to apply for colleges.

How Long To Study

This varies from person to person. But the general trend is to do at least a month of study and never to leave study time to anywhere less than 2 weeks before the exam.

How to Study

There is no sure-fire way for GRE coaching. But there is ample material available in the market for doing preparations. The centres like Jamboree offer excellent classroom and online training. Nowadays, there is technology for e-learning for preparing anytime and anywhere. A systematic study is required.

These are some important facts about the GRE.

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