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TOEFL takers all over the world are likely to embrace the new shorter TOEFL. August 1, 2019 onwards, TOEFL will become 30 minutes shorter. This very popular English-proficiency test will now be 3-hours long.

Test structure and question types will remain same as before. The only difference is, fewer number of questions in Reading, Listening and Speaking sections. The TOEFL-conducting body ETS, promises a better test-taking experience with the new version of the TOEFL.

A new feature MyBest™ Scores has also been added. This feature combines your best scores of last 2 years for each section of the exam to arrive at the final TOEFL score.

Here is a comparative table to give you an idea of the new TOEFL format.

New TOEFL Test Format

Test Section Before August 1, 2019 After August 1, 2019
Reading 3–4 reading passages
12–14 questions each
60–80 minutes
3–4 reading passages
10 questions each
54–72 minutes
Listening 4–6 lectures, 6 questions each
2–3 conversations, 5 questions each
60–90 minutes
3–4 lectures, 6 questions each
2–3 conversations, 5 questions each
41–57 minutes
Speaking 6 tasks

  • 2 independent
  • 4 integrated

20 minutes

4 tasks

  • 1 independent
  • 3 integrated

17 minutes

Please note that the writing section will remain unchanged i.e. 2 tasks with a total of 50 minutes. The test will still be scored on a scale of 0-120, with sectional scores as 0-30.

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