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TOEFL is changing to accommodate the attention span of today’s test takers and so are other standardised tests such as GMAT, GRE and SAT. Starting July 26, 2023, the widely accepted English-language proficiency test will include several new enhancements for test takers and institutions. And in this blog, we are covering all of them! Let’s go.

In this blog:

  1. Changes introduced with the new TOEFL 2023
  2. New TOEFL Format & Structure
  3. New TOEFL Writing Enhancements
  4. Changes in the new Registration Portal & Process

Changes Introduced With The New TOEFL 2023

As you go through the process of taking the new TOEFL iBT test, you will notice some exciting upgrades along the way. All these improvements are directed to make things easier for you. These enhancements include a simpler registration process, shorter testing time, additional study materials, and updates about when your official score will be released.

New TOEFL Format & Structure

From July 26, 2023, onwards, the TOEFL iBT® test will be completed in under 2 hours, making it the shortest among the top three English-language tests. Given below is the breakdown of the 2-hour exam:

New TOEFL Structure

(for tests starting July 26, 2023)

Section No. of Questions Estimated Timing
Reading 20 questions 35 minutes
Listening 28 questions 36 minutes
Speaking 4 tasks 16 minutes
Writing 2 tasks 29 minutes
Total Time Under 2 hours

 Here are some changes you can expect in the new TOEFL format:

  1. Clear and simplified instructions and easier navigation.
  2. The Reading section will have only two reading passages with 10 questions each, making it more efficient.
  3. The Writing task will be more concise and modern, replacing the current Independent Writing task.
  4. All unscored test questions will be removed.

*Please note! These changes do not apply to the TOEFL iBT Paper Edition test.

Have more questions about the new TOEFL format?

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New TOEFL Writing Enhancements

There is only one change to a question type in the TOEFL iBT. The Independent Writing task will be replaced by a new and contemporary task called “Writing for an Academic Discussion.” In this task, you will participate in an online class discussion by expressing and defending your opinion on a given topic.

Please note that the score range of 0-30 will continue to apply to each section of the TOEFL iBT test. 

Changes in the new TOEFL 2023: Registration Portal and Process 

Starting July 26, the registration portal for the new TOEFL 2023 test will undergo a complete transformation, offering a fresh, streamlined, and contemporary interface. The registration process itself will become faster and more convenient than ever before, featuring the following improvements:

  • A more user-friendly and simplified scheduling experience.
  • Intuitive navigation, making it easier to find and access the necessary information.
  • Enhanced usability to ensure a smooth and seamless registration process.
  • Mobile responsiveness, allowing you to conveniently register using your mobile device.
  • Additional local payment options, providing greater flexibility and convenience.

Moreover, once you have completed your new TOEFL iBT test, the anticipated date for receiving your official scores will be prominently displayed. Test takers will see their official score release date upon completion of the test, in addition to receiving real-time notification of changes to their score status. You can also find this information in your ETS account under the “important notifications” section. In the event of any changes to the expected score delivery date, you will be promptly notified.

We understand that change can be overwhelming to deal with, especially if you’ve already started preparing for TOEFL. Regardless of where you are in your preparation journey, Jamboree can help!  Schedule a Free call with our experts for personalised guidance, free resources or a demo class today!

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