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Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. That is why we at Jamboree are offering online live classes to all students, including the ones presently enrolled at our classroom courses. These classes are exactly similar to our classroom program and cover the A to Z of your exam preparation. Whether you have decided to prepare for SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL or IELTS, you can enrol and attend live classes at the safety and comfort of your home.

These classes are taken by our expert faculty and follow the famed Jamboree methodology that has produced some of the highest scores in GMAT, GRE and SAT for more than two decades. Follow the schedule of these classes by clicking on the link sent on your registered e-mail id.

Exam preparation at Jamboree is very different from others. It is result-oriented and focused on helping you score high by giving you the necessary strategies to solve questions fast with maximum accuracy.

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Our online learning modules are designed in a special manner to enable you to learn methodically. Simple concepts of a topic are tackled first, followed by questions that are aimed at building a strong base. This is followed by questions of moderate difficulty and then by exam-level questions. Once you have mastered solving these questions correctly at your own pace, we work on helping you solve them fast. Arriving at the perfection to solve questions with maximum speed and accuracy is then just a matter of time. And of practice. Lots of it.

For that we put you through topic tests, sectional tests and full-length tests. All of these practice tests are designed by subject matter experts with 20+ years of exam experience. To students these are our best feature and many of them have claimed that they find actual exam questions either similar or a tad easier. For test discussion and doubt clearing, we ensure that your faculty is just a few clicks away. Schedule your 1-on-1 doubt clearing sessions with them online on your student portal.

Online learning offers greater control over the learning process because you can study at your own pace. Here are some ways you can make the most out of your online prep time.


  • Keep Your Registered E-mail Id Open and Accessible

Your registered e-mail id is your primary source of contact with us. When you enrol at Jamboree, we send you your student portal link on it. Through your unique student portal you can get access to batch schedule, study material, practice tests, test results & analysis, student forum and a lot of other information.

  • Use The Link Sent on Your Registered E-mail Id For Joining Classes

Your verbal classes are accessible directly by clicking on the link attached in the e-mails that are sent to you regularly. For Math classes you can click on batch schedule and then copy-paste the link on your browser.


  • Self-regulate Your Learning

While learning through virtual instruction, maintaining self-discipline can be challenging for some students. If possible, have the room completely to yourself. Sit in a chair and keep away from your phone. Do whatever you can to stay mindful during the class.

  • Use Your Laptop

Although online classes are accessible on phones and tabs, we advise students to use their laptops, especially for Math. This is because Math modules have figures and equations that may not appear properly on smaller screens. Therefore, for best user experience, use your laptop.

  • Set Reminder on Your Phone

Missing your class is never a good idea. You should try your best to attend it by postponing other activities. Mark the class on your phone calendar so that you get a reminder in time. Since the class schedule in declared beforehand, this should not be a problem. If due to some reason you do find yourself missing a particular class, contact your Center Manager by email or phone.

  • Use Headphones While the Class is Running

Your online classes are just like a real classroom. Use headphones as these classes are highly interactive with the faculty frequently asking if you are clear with the concept. Headphones help you stay focused so that you are not distracted by ringing phones, music, etc.

  • Interact With the Faculty

Your faculty is there to help you learn and perform to the best of your potential. You should be attentive and ask questions by typing in the chat window. Your faculty will address them. If your question is not answered to your satisfaction, you can schedule doubt-clearing session with your faculty by emailing or calling your Center Manager.

  • Keep a Notebook and Your Study Material Handy

During the class your faculty will frequently ask you to refer to Jamboree’s study material. They may also ask you to solve a question on a sheet of paper and then type in your answer. So it is wise to keep the relevant study material and your notebook open so that you don’t miss out any concept or question.

  • Make Use of Pre-recorded Sessions

You can easily go back and revise a concept using pre-recorded video sessions. These lesson modules are arranged as per Jamboree study plan and are shared with you on your registered e-mail id once you enrol.

  • Make Use of Test Analytics on Your Portal

Your student portal is equipped with the latest test analytics features that allow you to compare your test performance with thousands of other Jamboree students. This gives you a clear picture of your performance vis-à-vis others. You can also spot your weak areas and then work on eliminating them. Based on your consecutive test results, you can use the score predictor feature to get an idea of what your score would be in the actual exam.

If you have any queries regarding live classes, you can send it to Or call us at 09971285337.

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