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Have you decided that your goal is an MBA? That’s great! A business education is a fantastic way to upgrade yourself and move higher up in the workplace. Today’s world is dynamic! Who would’ve thought that a tiny invisible virus could cause such global chaos, right?

To be honest, the world was always changing, the coronavirus just acted as a catalyst and sped things along. And to keep up in this world, it’s imperative that you upskill yourself to become a leader who is innovative, analytical and thinks critically. An MBA is a surefire way to get all the skills required to deal with the new normal that’s on its way.

So, if you’ve made up your mind to get a formal business education, but are worried about external factors, know that there is more than one way to fulfil your dream. And one very acceptable solution is to pursue a part-time MBA.

If you wish to do an MBA while working and balance both your job and studies, there are many part-time MBA programs that you can look into in the form of courses that can be taken on the weekends, evening or even online. But first, let’s talk more about the benefits of studying part-time.

  1. Two Birds: You can get a business degree while getting work experience too. This is a great way to maximize the use of your time and get ahead in the highly competitive world that greatly values years of work experience.

  2. Leadership and Time Management: Doing two things at once is undoubtedly challenging and an MBA is no cakewalk. Pursuing part-time management courses will require you to plan your day to the minute, and in the process of doing this, you will gain invaluable time management skills that are required, both professionally and personally

  3. Up the ladder: You already have a job in hand, doing an MBA will open up ladders to higher positions, both in your company and outside. Moreover, you will have a steady salary to cater to financial commitments.

  4. Safety: Unemployment is a valid fear, and while MBA students are in great demand, the competition while job hunting is pretty high too. Doing a part-time MBA is a safe option and having a job to back you, gives you confidence and financial stability.

  5. Loans: Studying while you work can be way easier on the pocket than pursuing it full time. Part-time education can help you to be less reliant on loans and more on your own earnings. There are a lot of options and a variety of programs that you can take up, if the cost is a limiting factor.

So, if you’re sure about taking the leap, then read on because we have a list of the 8 best part-time MBA programs from around the world.

  1. Haas School of Business – UCB, USA
    • Evening MBA Program
    • Weekend MBA Program
    • Program Cost: You will need to complete 42 credits to get an MBA, each credit costs $3,464.

      Program Duration: 3 years (flexible up to 5 years)

      The round 1 deadline for applications is on 1st November 2020

  2. Booth School of Business, USA
    • Evening MBA Program
    • Weekend MBA Program
    • Program Cost: You will need to complete 20 courses that can be chosen from a pool of 130+. Cost of each course is $7,344

      Program Duration: 2.5 years to 5 years

  3. Kellogg School of Management, USA
    • Evening MBA Program
    • Weekend MBA Program
    • Course requirements: GMAT, Minimum 5 years of work experience is mandatory
      Program Cost: $58,000 – $62,000/year

      Program Duration: Can choose between the accelerated program (2 years average, up to 4 years) and the traditional program (2.5 years average, up to 5 years)

  4. NYU Stern School of Business, USA
    • Accelerated 2-year Program
    • Weeknight MBA Program
    • Saturday MBA program
    • Program Cost: You will need to complete 60 credits and each credit costs $2,375.
      Program Duration: 2-3 years

  5. Imperial College Business School, UK
    • Global Online MBA
    • Executive MBA program
    • Weekend MBA program
    • Program Cost: Online ($48,000), EMBA ($78,000), Weekend ($64,000)

      Program Duration: 21-24 months

  6. Nanyang Business School, Singapore
    Professional MBA (PMBA)
  7. Additional requirements: GMAT/GRE, Minimum 3 years of work experience is mandatory
    Program Cost: $51,174

    Program Duration: 18 months, alternate weekend format

    The round 1 application deadline for July 2021 intake is on 4th December 2020

  8. Schulich’s School of Business, Canada
    • Daytime Classes
    • Evening Classes
    • Weekend Classes
    • Program Cost: Approximately $10,000/Term

      Program Duration: 3 Years approximately, divided into 10 terms.

  9. INSEAD, France
    • Global Executive MBA
    • Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA
    • Executive Master in Finance
    • Executive Master in Change
    • Program Cost: $37,000/Year – $55,000/Year

      Program Duration: 14 – 22 months

While the phrase ‘An MBA isn’t for everyone’ seems to be said a lot, we strongly disagree. Whatever be your situation, financial condition, time constraints or other work commitments, we at Jamboree stand behind the motto “where there is a will, there is a way!” So, if you’ve decided to go ahead with your MBA goal let us know, we will help you find and get into the programs that fit you best.

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