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How early do I start with my SAT preparations? Is it too early to start when I have just completed my 7th grade- well, we have our views and the earlier you start off with your preparation, the greater are your chances to score higher.

In India, we host a variety of entrance exams for Engineering, Medicine, and other subjects that are pursued by students. Coaching centers have bloomed all across the country, aiding students in their preparations to get into coveted colleges across the country. But, the SATs, on the other hand, are not given as much importance by parents. A lot of Indian parents tend to push things to the last minute and not give their children enough time to prepare. The benefits of starting your preparations early are multi-fold, and we would like to run you through the positives of an early-start.


    If you start playing a particular sport at a very young age, the muscles remember certain movements. This is what is commonly referred to as ‘muscle memory’. Similarly, once you dedicate enough time to the SAT, the topics become much simpler and you get a lot quicker at solving questions. The SAT has three sections- Mathematics, Reading, Writing and Language. These sections test your skills in core structural concepts. Being familiar with the topics definitely gives you an upper hand and increases your chances. For example, the habit of reading is one that requires time to build. You cannot take a book on philosophy or advanced psychology and make sense out of it, if you are not familiar with the nuances of the English language. The Reading Comprehension section becomes much simpler once you understand the sometimes ‘cryptic’ nature of the English language.


    A repository of words cannot be built in a day- just as Rome could not have been built in one. Vocabulary is something that enhances your reading experience. Even when you are not aiming to be a test taker/write the SATs, words help transform your thoughts into concise and vivid sentences. The SAT reading passages demands that a student understand how to use words effectively. Thorough practice can help students grasp the nuances that a passage throws at them.


    Have you ever caught your nose the other way? Well, the SAT forces its students to understand Mathematics when presented in a language that really is not that easy to comprehend. When twisted, students sometimes get lost in the language and therefore, make mistakes despite having a good control over the concepts being used.


    The SAT is an exam that is based in the US. Special emphasis is laid, as given on the website, on topics that include Founding Documents-that talk about the social and political history of the United States. A student who is not used to reading topics that have such articulate writing might not be able to adjust to such topics quickly. On the other hand, if you start early, you will be able to comprehend such detailing very easily. Reading earlier can help familiarize with the ‘type of content’, therefore, making your examination study process much simpler.


    Time Management is a crucial aspect of all entrance examinations- a student who can efficiently divide time can easily answer questions in a competitive exam scenario. The greater your skill levels, the more confident you are while solving such questions. Efficacy in time management and simulating exam scenarios while you are young will benefit you during your later years.

So, what are you waiting for EARLY TO RISE, makes YOU FIT FOR ANY SURPRISE! All the best, SATians

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