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College Board’s standardised test, the SAT, serves as a gatekeeper for admission to undergraduate programs at universities and colleges around the world. This pen-and-paper exam is given four times a year and is divided into four sections: mathematics, evidence-based reading, and writing. During the admissions process, universities may need additional data such as GPAs, extracurricular activities, essays, Statements of Purpose (SOP), and Letters of Recommendation (LOR) in addition to your SAT results.

Until 2018, SAT scores were only available to international universities. The Indian Global Higher Education Alliance, 2018, a collaboration between the College Board and notable Indian universities, was established in that key year. As a result of this endeavour, many Universities began accepting SAT scores as part of their admission criteria, We have listed down the top universities in India that accept SAT scores.

Top 10 SAT-Accepting Colleges in India

University SAT (for Indian Residents) Free SAT Score Sends Scholarship Program of SAT
FULL $1,500
Ashoka University
Vellore Institute of
O P Jindal Global University
Krea University
Shiv Nadar University
Plaksha University
SP Jain School of Global Management
SRM University
Azim Premji University
Bennett University

Here is a quick rundown of some of the universities mentioned above:

1. Ashoka University

Ashoka University
Situated in Sonepat, Haryana, Ashoka University is a prominent liberal arts university. It provides undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of areas, with an emphasis on an interdisciplinary approach to education.

2. Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT)

Vellore Institute of Technology
Located in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, VIT is a prominent private university. It delivers undergraduate and postgraduate studies in engineering, technology, business, and other disciplines.

3. O.P. Jindal Global University

O.P Jindal University

Set in Sonipat, Haryana, O.P. Jindal Global University is noted for its highly regarded law school and provides a number of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate degrees in law, international affairs, business, and more.

4. Krea University:

Krea University

Located in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh, Krea University focuses on delivering interdisciplinary undergraduate programs in the arts and sciences, encouraging students to pursue a variety of educational fields.

5. Shiv Nadar University:

Shiv Nadar University

Shiv Nadar University, which is situated in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, provides undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in engineering, humanities, social sciences, and other fields.

6. Plaksha University:

Plaksha University

Plaksha University, centered in Mohali, Punjab, is a newer college that specializes in technology and entrepreneurship education. Its goal is to prepare pupils for the challenge of an ever-changing technology landscape.

7. SP Jain School of Global Management: 

SP Jain School of Global Managment
The SP Jain School of Global Management is a business school that has locations in Mumbai, Dubai, Singapore, and Sydney. It provides business and management programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels.

8. SRM University: 

SRM University

Located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, SRM University is well-known for its engineering and technology programs. It provides a diverse selection of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in a variety of subjects.

9. Azim Premji University:

Azim Premji University

Azim Premji University, based in Bangalore, Karnataka, concentrates on social sciences, development, and education programs. It provides undergraduate and graduate degrees with a focus on social impact.

10. Bennett institution: 

Bennett institution

Bennett University is a private institution in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It provides undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering, management, media, law, and other disciplines.

If you are applying for your dream degree at one of India’s well-known universities, you will need your SAT Scores. Before you act, please review the qualifying conditions in the admission prospectus of these universities.


Q. Is SAT mandatory for admissions to these colleges or is it optional?

SAT requirements can vary by college. Some colleges may have a mandatory SAT score requirement for admissions, while others may consider it as optional or for certain programs. It’s advisable to review the admission guidelines of each college.

Q. Is there a validity period for SAT scores for admission to these colleges?

SAT scores are typically valid for five years. However, it’s important to confirm the validity period with the specific colleges as their policies may vary.

Q. Do these colleges offer scholarships based on SAT scores?

Some colleges may offer scholarships based on SAT scores. It’s advisable to check with each college for information on scholarships and financial aid opportunities.

Q. Are there specific guidelines for international students regarding SAT scores and admissions?

International students, including those applying from outside India, typically follow the same admission process and SAT score requirements as domestic students. However, additional documentation and requirements may apply for international applicants

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