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In recent years, Canada has made its mark in the world for its top-class education. It is one of the best study-abroad destinations and is home to more than half a million international students. Wondering why? Studying in Canada has a ton of benefits, with ROI being one of the most striking ones. The average tuition fee here is way lesser than its neighbour south of the border, the USA. Moreover, this scenic country has a significant number of the world’s top 100 schools, especially in the management field.

Canada’s MBA programs cost half as much as the ones in the USA, UK, or Australia and sometimes offer salaries that are higher than your entire tuition combined. But today’s talk isn’t about MBAs, rather, we will be looking at a new and different postgraduate program that is considered a viable alternative to the traditional MBA. So, if you are convinced that Canada is your calling, read on to find out.

The Master in Management (MM) program is a relatively newer graduate degree in business, and it covers a broad range of topics. It’s been widely recognised and accepted in Europe, with about 85% of all MIM programs being offered there. Although, in recent years, Asia, the USA, UK, and Canada have been adopting this European phenomenon and making it their own.

What is the difference between MBA and MIM in Canada?

Given below is a representation of traditional MBA vs Masters in Management in Canada.

  MBA in Canada MIM in Canada
Work Experience Significant work experience is required, the average age in an MBA class is around 27 years Absolutely zero or minimal work experience is required, the average age is 22 years
Cost of Program Expensive Much less expensive than an MBA, you can find programs at half the cost of an MBA
Scope MBAs typically aim for mid-senior level positions. Suitable if you are looking for a career change as a working professional. Usually aim for entry-level or mid-level positions. Ideal if you have less experience or are a fresh graduate.
Curriculum Theoretical and very practical with multiple internships and case studies. Mostly theoretical and focused on one particular area of Management.

With everything above considered, if you believe that pursuing a MIM course in Canada is your best course of action, we are here to help. Here are ten top MIM colleges in Canada with their program durations and tuition costs.

University of British Columbia- Sauder School of Business MIM 9 Months 

(Full time)

CAD 50,616
  MSc in Business Administration 16 months (Full time) CAD 60,500

Other programs: Master of Business Analytics, MSc in Business Administration

HEC Montreal MSc International Business 16-24 months CAD 30,000

Other programs: MSc in Data Science and Business Analytics, MSc in Finance, Master of Management in International Arts Management, MSc in Global Supply Chain Management

Concordia University – John Molson School of Business
MSc in Management
MSc in Management 24 months CAD 14,000

Other programs: MSc in Business Administration, MSc in Finance, MSc in Marketing, Master of Supply Chain Management.

University of Ottawa- Telfer School of Management MSc in Management 24 months 

(Full time)

CAD 26,000

Other programs: Master of Health Administration, MSc in Health Systems, Master of Business in Complex Project Leadership

The University of Victoria- Gustavson School of Business MSc in Global Business 12 months 

(Full time)

CAD 24,926

Other programs: Master of Management

University of Toronto-Joseph L. Rotman School of Management MS in Finance 20 months 

(Part time)

CAD 90,370

Other Programs: Master of Management Analytics, Master of Financial Risk Management

Queen’s University – Smith School of Business
Master of Science in Management
MS in Finance 12 months 

(Full time)

CAD 21,865

Other Programs: Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence, Master of Business (Accounting), Master of Business (Public Relations), Master of Business (Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies), Master of Business (International Business)

York University –  Schulich School of Business MS in Management 12 months 

(Full time)

CAD 26,714

Other Programs: Master of Business Analytics, Master of Marketing, Master of Real Estate and Infrastructure, Master of Accounting

Brock University – Goodman School of Business MS in Management 24 months 

(Full time)

CAD 32,550

Other Programs: Master of Accounting, Master of Professional Accounting

While the MBA has been around for a century, the MIM has only gained popularity in recent years. It’s a very well sought-out degree by young professionals, and this management education allows them to get ahead in their careers. Some MIM graduates even go on to pursue an MBA from top B-schools after they have gained sufficient experience.

So, if you would like to find out about the MIM in Canada requirements, the admission processes, or more of the best MIM colleges in Canada, reach out to our counsellors and book a free 1-on-1 session today. They have helped thousands of students get into their dream programs, and you could very well be next.

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