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As you watch HBO, notice how more and more references in the shows are easily recognizable?

From Uber, iPhone, Forever 21 to consumer goods like Nescafé, Lay’s, Knorr, and Tide international businesses are springing up everywhere in our lives now. All this makes you wonder what does it take to make this happen and the answer is Masters in International Business!

And what better country to learn it from than the one that practically invented Masters in International Business – United States of America!

USA has students flocking from all over the world to pursue higher education. World class universities, climate, diversity, post-study work options and numerous opportunities are the reasons.

Masters in International Business (IB) program prepares the students to conduct business on a global level. The course strives to equip the students to navigate through the world of global commerce by building on previous coursework and teaching relevant and useful subjects during masters’ studies.

Why pick US for your Masters in IB?

1. US is the birthplace of this Master’s program. The course was first started in 1946 in the Thunderbird School of Management.

2. Among the global top 400 universities in Business Management Studies, the US is home to at least 150 of them, based on the QS Rankings.

3. The majority of Masters in IB in the US have been accredited by Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), which is the largest business education alliance in the world.

4. In terms of employability, at least 50 universities in the USA rank among the top 200 universities holding graduate employability rankings.

How to apply for MS in International Business in US?

A student who wishes to apply for a Masters in IB must have a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent to the US standards degree. Three to five years of work experience in a managerial position or as a management professional is preferred.

What are the eligibility criteria for applying to Masters in International Business?

1. The student must hold a bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 3.25 or above (varies as per universities you apply to).

2. A GMAT or GRE score is mandatory, with cut-offs provided on the website of the university you wish to apply to.

3. The student must prove their proficiency in the English language if their first language is not English. A TOEFL/IELTS score above 90 is preferred.

4. For international students, it is required that their 3-year degree must be recognized by the college they are applying to for Masters in IB.

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Which fields are covered within Masters in IB?

MS in IB syllabus covers a wide range of management topics from a global standpoint. The program strives to focus on the students’ learning skills and knowledge required for their future corporate careers.

The subjects covered are economics, finance, international management, innovation and technology management, accounting, research methodology, and foreign languages, to name a few.

How much does a Masters in International Business from the US cost?

The annual tuition fee for the Masters in IB in the US lies in the range of USD 33,340 to 78,870. Many students apply for scholarships that cover tuition fees and other related expenses.

Living costs, accommodation, food, public transport and rent and other bills go up to USD 25,000-30,000 per year. Despite the expense, USA manages to attract the maximum number of international students in comparison to any other country because of the high ROI after graduation.

What are the job prospects after Masters in IB?

After a Masters in IB, a student could work in business operations, management, sales, financial services, or other such sectors. The average salary one could make after a Master’s degree lies in anywhere between USD 40,000 to 143,000 per year.

Master’s in IB opens up a lot of avenues and job opportunities for graduates. The potential job roles they could apply for are:

1. Financial manager: The individual manages the financial aspect of the organization. This entails managing accounts, payrolls, taxation, and monetary transactions.

2. International economist: This job profile requires one to study global issues like international trade, consumer demand, and international markets. They also need to study, analyze and monitor market trends along with the production of goods and services to make accurate projections.

3. International marketing director: This is the most lucrative job after a Master’s in IB. International marketing directors are in charge of increasing the organization’s shares and profits in the global market.

4. Policy analysts: They are accountable for analyzing and offering solutions to difficult issues such as security, environment, healthcare and politics.

There are many other jobs for Master’s in International Business graduates. The professional growth achievable through Master’s in IB is tremendous, making the program even more worthwhile.

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