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Two years ago, Vidur Mahajan had not even heard of Wharton. But as luck would have it, he made it to the famed Ivy League.

Vidur’s family runs a chain of diagnostic centers in New Delhi so becoming a doctor was an obvious choice for the serious bespectacled teenager. Six years of medical school armed him with the necessary curative skills but he also realised his passion for ‘designing brochures and the business side of things’. Post-med school, he learned the ropes of running a diagnostics center and that’s when he began to seriously consider pursuing an MBA.

A year and a half later, he made it to Wharton with an amazing GMAT score of 740. He majored in Healthcare Management and Finance—two specializations that he was in dire need of in order to run his family business efficiently.

Ask him today about his unusual choice of postgrad and pat comes the reply, “Prior to Wharton, I was just an MBBS doctor ‘trying’ to run a business. An MBA equipped me with the vision to take it to greater heights!”

A scalpel and a business suit make a deadly combination! (no pun intended ;))

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