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Human-computer interaction, also known as HCI, is a one-of-a-kind course that is an amalgamation of computer-based technologies and its interaction with professionals from the field. It is an interdisciplinary field of study that prepares students to design, ideate, implement and examine computer-based technologies. HCI focuses on making the technologies useful and usable by the end-users, which are humans.

HCI has evolved over the years and covers almost all forms of information technology designs along with the help of computer science, cognitive science, and human factors engineering. We have prepared a list of the ten best colleges where one can pursue their Masters in HCI:

1. The DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois, USA

The research university offers a Master’s program focusing on HCI and implements methods and concepts from graphic design, computer science, and social sciences. The focus of this program is particularly on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) prototype development, evaluation, information architecture, and interaction design.

They boast of their graduates working at top companies, like Gfk, Grainger, Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, Allstate, and Motorola. They hold a record 94% reporting program graduates being employed or continuing education.

2. Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

This private research university has the longest-running and the most impactful program for Masters’s in HCI in the world. They developed the first program in the world to prepare professionals for careers in HCI, user-centric research and user experience design.

The program consists of three semesters and can be completed in a year when done full-time. The rigorous course prepares students to design and supervise the future of humanity and technology interactions.

3. Tufts University, Massachusetts, USA

It is a private research university, and the program has specialized courses, research and training for human-centric engineering activities. One can select from working on the systems design to ergonomics or medical devices.

Core curriculum includes an analytical component, a software component and a project component.

4. University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA

It is a public research university and the Master’s program in HCI focuses on prototyping, ideation, user research and design. The course is full-time and does not require a thesis.

Four departments of the university, namely, Human-Centered Design and Engineering, the Information School & Division of Design in the School of Art, Art History and Design, and lastly, Computer Science and Engineering, offer the course.

5. University of California Irvine, California, USA

It is a research university that prepares students for careers in research and design, user experience (UX), design research, project management, systems analysis, web development and many more.

6. The Technical University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany

It is a public research university that offers a Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction and Design, a full-time course. The university aims to prepare entrepreneurial talents by providing outstanding education in digital innovation.

Their program structure includes studying at two different universities, one is an entry university, and the other is an exit university, both situated at technical hotspots in Europe.

7. Bauhaus University Weimar, Weimar, Germany

The Master’s program in HCI focuses on the theoretical and practical issues in current Computer Science research in interactive system development and interface design.

It is a full-time course of 24 months, and there are no tuition fees.

8. University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

It is a public research university with the main campus, three satellite campuses, and four university colleges (affiliated). They offer a Master of Digital Experience Innovation (MDEI). It is a superior professional educational program of 1.5 years of full-time attendance. Human-Computer Interaction is a discipline for this course.

9. Laurentian University, Ontario, Canada

It is a public university offering a Masters in Computational Sciences. The course is 18 months long with a full-time commitment. The disciplines include computer sciences, human-computer interaction, and web technologies & cloud computing.

The program will boost your knowledge to improve various daily functions ranging from solutions to everyday problems to complex operations.

10. London’s Global University, London, Bloomsbury, UK

The university is well-known for its research strength and is number one in London. The college offers a full-time (one year), part-time (two years) and flexible Masters (up to three years) in Human-Computer Interaction with a focus mainly on the interface between systems and people. The program is a cross among the subjects, namely, behavioral sciences, engineering and design.

The practical and professional skills taught during this course are valuable in the job market. This course acquaints students with the relevance of human cognitive, physical, affective and social knowledge to the design of interactive systems and also their application.

Human-Computer Interaction has been gaining steady popularity and the advancements in this field are consistently progressing over the last couple of years. Students have a great opportunity for research and development and could get lucrative job offers for the same. If you want to explore this field or make a career in it, joining any of the above universities will be a huge step in the direction. Connect with us at Jamboree and we can help you with end to end preparation and application guidance.

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