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An MBA degree in itself is a launchpad for managerial success. But know what’s better? A dual-degree MBA which not only launches you to top managerial positions but also shock-proofs you from contingencies while making you a valuable company resource! In a dual degree program, you’ll study two academic fields at once, and earn two separate degrees.

An individual can earn two Master’s degrees simultaneously through a dual degree program. They may select the second degree to be completely different from an MBA. This allows them to acquire business management skills while studying a different subject simultaneously.

What is a dual-degree MBA?

A dual-degree MBA entails two disciplines combined together. A student can pursue an MBA along with journalism, communication, public policy, law, or any other discipline. After completion of both the programs, a student earns two different degrees.

The credits from one degree cannot be carried over to the course in the other program as the two disciplines are completely separate. Due to the dual nature of the program, it requires more credits than a single degree. On average, a student might take up to three or more years to complete a dual-degree MBA.

Some of the popular dual degree program combinations include:

  • MBA and a Master’s in Policy Analysis
  • MBA with a Master’s in Public Health
  • MBA and a JD (Juris Doctor-Law)
  • MBA with a Master’s in Information Technology

Why should you consider pursuing a dual-degree MBA?

A dual-degree program provides students with the opportunity to gain expertise in a field other than business and better prepares them for the managerial and leadership skills required to become an efficient manager. There are numerous advantages for students to pursue a dual-degree program. They have been listed below.

Benefits of a dual-degree MBA:

  1. Job opportunities

The students completing a dual-degree MBA possess a higher possibility of clinching more advanced jobs as compared to students with a regular MBA degree due to their vast knowledge and expertise in not one but two fields.

  1. Skill Set

Students become qualified with a broader range of skill sets acquired from the two fields. The skillset includes valued qualities such as analytical power, leadership, management, decision-making, strategic problem-solving skills, etc. The in-depth knowledge and experience gained over the period of learning make the students stand out from the rest of the crowd.

  1. Versatility

The dual MBA program opens up more avenues for the students while taking up job responsibilities. Due to the broader skillset and in-depth knowledge from two fields of study, the student is well-equipped to handle more diverse job responsibilities without compromising their efficiency, giving them an edge over other potential candidates.

  1. Networking

Networking is an important part of one’s career, and it goes a long way into making you a successful manager. In a dual degree MBA, one gets to build an enhanced networking circle from early on. The internships required to complete an MBA degree are a good means to build connections both within and outside of your  field.

  1. Entrepreneurship Opportunity

Starting a new business requires capital and thorough knowledge. A student with a dual MBA will be more prepared to handle the business efficiently and get a leg up on starting to build a business.

Dual MBA graduates are in a better position to handle the responsibility of entrepreneurship and latch on to opportunities.

  1. Job Security

During a time when the economy is unstable or unpredictable, job cuts are imminent. People with a single graduate degree and having a one-track job role could be more prone to job losses. Dual degree MBA graduates bring more to the table, ensuring they play a unique role in a company. Hence, the chances of losing their job reduce greatly.

If you wish to pursue your dual degree MBA in US, we have prepared a list of US universities offering such a course. Have a look!

  1. Steven Institute of Technology, Hoboken
  2. Westcliff University, Irvine
  3. Marconi International University, Miami
  4. Midway University, Midway
  5. Felician University, Rutherford
  6. Seton Hall University, School of Diplomacy and International Relations, South Orange
  7. University of Louisville, College of Business, Louisville
  8. California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks
  9. Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw
  10. Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, Cornell University, Ithaca

These are a few good US universities offering a wide variety of dual MBA degree programs to choose from. There are many more. If you want to pursue this type of program, our counselors can help you with end-to-end application services.

A dual degree program saves time for students as well. The total time required for completing two individual degrees will be more as compared to a dual degree program. Schedule a 15 minute free session with our study abroad admissions consultants and get your profile evaluation done today.

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