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If you’ve ever played GTA V you would know that you can finish the game and it can still show 34% as completion percentage. It simply means that you reached the ending, but you only did 34% of all of the things you could have done. That’s exactly what applies to college! Not for nothing do they say ‘College is what you make of it’.

If you are at a place where you both dread and look forward to starting the next crucial phase of your life, we are here to help you out and make things easier for you! Better than what you should, we have made a list of what you shouldn’t do while zeroing down on a college for your Bachelor’s degree.

1. Not giving enough time:

Selecting a college is a big decision and requires time to weigh all the options. The pros and cons of all the colleges narrowed down should be compared carefully. All the deciding factors must be pondered upon, and then finally, a decision could be reached. The decision should not be rushed or hurried over.

2. Family pressure:

A few students might carry the burden of taking forward the legacy of their family by securing admission into a specific college. However, let this not be the whole and sole reason for selecting a college for your bachelor’s. The college must have good reputation and excellent teaching faculty in the field of your major.

3. Fan of their Sports Team:

Some students are die-hard fans of a college’s sports team. This could turn out to be a vital factor for them while choosing a college for their bachelors. A college having a great sports team may not be the right educational fit for you. The college you select will lay the base for your academic performance, and it needs to be chosen for its academic offering and not a sports team.

4. Becoming a Follower:

It is very common among students to choose a college because their friends, girlfriend or boyfriend might have selected it for themselves. It sounds like a promising idea at that stage, but later, you might regret it. The subject of your major should be a strong suit of that college for you to even consider going there.

5. Budget-friendly:

Tuition fees and admissions can be a costly affair. Understandably, everyone has a budget based on which the colleges are narrowed down. However, in case a college is very costly but is also a good fit for you, then other options like scholarships should be looked into. This involves putting in considerable time and research. At Jamboree, we help you apply to your best-fit university where you have increased chances of winning good scholarships.

6. College near your hometown:

While some people would jump at the idea of staying near their hometown to reap the benefits of coming home every weekend, let this not be the sole deciding factor. It does not make any sense to reach a decision based on this kind of convenience. College is the time to explore and learn all the things which are helpful throughout the rest of your life.

7. Skip a visit to the College:

Although you might have thoroughly researched a college and gathered all the relevant information from the internet, it is of utmost importance to pay a surprise visit to the college. The ground reality of things might be different, and experiences are relative.

8. Selecting a college famous for its party reputation:

Hearsay of alumni or students of a college where parties are galore should not be a factor in considering the college for your bachelors. The urge to get out there and experience parties while in college is relatable, however, that’s not really what college is all about. Instead, one should look out for good social atmosphere, balanced student body, placement help and support, diversity, etc.

9. No specific and thorough research about the college:

Selecting a college is a huge task, and hours of research and efforts should go into this process. The impact of your college education is immense and hence, it requires equal amounts of interest and effort to be put in while choosing your Bachelor’s college. The teaching faculty, available resources for students, opportunities for the student’s growth, all these factors should be taken into account and studied thoroughly.

10. Relying only on college rankings

While it is good to rely on official college rankings, it is equally important to conduct personal research as well. The factors based upon which the rankings are declared are often not revealed. This could be misleading and an individual study about the college of your choice for your major should definitely be done by you. The general ranking of the college might not prove to be advantageous for you.

11. Having a one-track mind:

You may have selected a college for yourself for a long time, but the choice may need to be re-examined in terms of your profile fit, acceptance rate, chances of scholarship, application rounds, graduation percentage, employability rates of the course, location, etc.

While college is fun, challenging and rewarding, at the same time, the selection process could be tedious and confusing. Big decision as it is, it pays to acquire as much knowledge from credible sources as you can. With 27+ years of counseling and coaching experience, we at Jamboree, know what works where. Whether it is test preparation, extracurricular activities or application essays, we can help you make the most important career decision of your life with minimum hassle. All it takes is a free 15 minute session with our counselor!

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