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“You have been Accepted!” Yes! These are the lines in your acceptance letter that open the golden door to securing a bright future.

An MBA acceptance letter is sent by the university to inform you about acceptance as a student. It sounds exciting, let’s not rush too far ahead. There are several hurdles that you need to hop over before you receive your MBA acceptance letter.

The top business schools abroad have a very rigorous MBA application process and admission criteria. So, how to stand out in the application process? For the start, you must be very specific about your choice of country, university and programs to target, understand what your desired universities require, when to start your application process, university deadlines, how to go about your MBA letters of recommendation and essays, and more.

All this and much more is worrying you? Don’t worry, as we have compiled a list of ways that can help you prepare a compelling admission application and secure an MBA acceptance letter.

In this blog:

1.    Be self-aware
2.    Back your potential with evidence
3.    Your professional calling
4.    Reminisce
5.    Be a positive influence & convey confidence
6.    Hands On approach to challenges
7.    Display academic versatility
8.    Decide early on when you want to take the test
9.    Don’t rush your application
10.  Choose recommendations wisely

Be self-aware

Yes, you have read it right! The most basic and foremost thing is being self aware. Based on the expert opinions, the most successful MBA applicants are self aware and know their strengths and weaknesses. You should be aware of what you want and the reason you want it. Choosing a college and MBA program choices should be based on who you are and what you want to be, and how the business school and the program could help you get what you seek for your future. It doesn’t mean having your life mapped out, instead universities seek the sense for how the applicants go about their decision, which is vital for future business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs.

Back your potential with evidence

In an MBA application process, a massive amount of emphasis is laid upon the experience of MBA aspirants, MBA letters of recommendation and essays. Your achievements, leadership skills, decision making abilities should stand out in your application. You will also need language proficiency IELTS/TOFEL score, GMAT score and excellent academic profile for top business schools.

Your professional calling

What inspires you? Whom do you admire ? What’s your dream job ? Do people like Sundar Paichai or Warren Buffett inspire you or do you have your own entrepreneurial plans? Ask yourself these questions, be clear of what you want to be. Discover your professional calling, it will not only give you the clarity while choosing a program but also your career path after MBA. Turn your dreams into a reality, set a clear path and goals beforehand; then look for a country, university and program. The top business schools look for students who are clear about their ambition and purpose behind pursuing MBA abroad.


Be clear about what you really desire. The clarity of thought and what you seek from an MBA program should be perspicuous. The goals you set and how you wish to fulfill them in future need to be part of your profile. So, reminisce tap into the real you.

To know more about the admissions process and GMAT prep.

Have you taken the GMAT before?

Be a positive influence, convey confidence

Most applicants try to mimic what others do and lose themselves in the process. They need to showcase their own unique qualities, selling points, and come across as a sincere & confident person.

Hands On approach to challenges

The top business schools prefer well- rounded individuals with an extensive array of talent. They need to go beyond their regular duties and take up challenging projects that could help them cultivate a new skill like public speaking activities, volunteering activities, and be active participants at your workplace. This could turn an average applicant into a more competitive candidate.

Display academic versatility

Be dynamic in what you choose, go beyond the traditional norms of academics. Like with a traditional business major, consider taking up vocational skills like a secondary language. Expand your horizon.

Decide early on when you want to take the test

You don’t want to be writing an admission essay along with your test preparation. This could be an arduous task to juggle. Take a diagnostic test for GRE or GMAT before deciding upon the business college to target. Optimize your odds of getting an MBA acceptance letter with a well planned and scheduled approach. Start preparing for the standardized test GRE or GMAT well in advance, along with the IELTS/TOFEL test. Give yourself time to prepare and then based on your score decide upon the University or program to target.

How do MBA colleges verify work experience?

Have you taken the GMAT before?

Don’t rush your application

According to the experts, this is the most common and worst mistake that students make during the MBA application process. Don’t rush your application time well in advance. Take time to read every part of the application, how every sentence you have written sounds, not just for the essay but the entire application. Seek assistance from an admission counsellor in the process, who can guide you through writing an effective essay, and the process of sending an application. Jamboree not only helps you get excellent GRE/GMAT scores but also guides and supports you in the college application process. Even after receiving an MBA acceptance letter, Jamboree offers you several services, categorized as value added services, which can help students ease their pre-departure process.

Choose recommendations wisely

The MBA aspirants should choose recommenders who are actually enthusiastic and inclined to recommend them. The MBA letters of recommendation should make a strong argument for accepting the aspirant for the program. Thus, having a well written recommendation is crucial for the MBA admission application.

Admission Process:

The admission process could be stressful but with proper guidance and support you could target the top business schools of your choice with the required GMAT and IELTS/TOEFL score. Jamboree is there for you at every step towards getting accepted in the MBA program of your choice and help you turn into a successful business executive or an entrepreneur.

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