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The guiding light to the global business landscape – Wharton School at Pennsylvania is the place to become the new global business leader or highly paid executive with the elite level Global education at the land of opportunities.

The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania is one of the finest, the oldest and elite business schools in the United States. The Wharton School is known for revolutionizing the business perspective. The Ivy League powerhouse has an illustrious list of alumni graduates, the world’s most popular CEOs, and Executives like the founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk, the man who is on a mission to change this world and the top Indian Executive, the CEO of Alphabet Inc. Sundar Pichai, of Google, holds an MBA degree from Wharton School. Warton not only educates the future leaders, the Wharton School inspires them and prepares them for leading global economic growth and the global challenges.

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1.     Wharton – The Top pick of Indian Students – Extensive range of programs.
2.     Unmatched Global Exposure at Wharton.
3.     What you need to become part of Wharton.
4.     Know your key dates & deadlines.
5.     The Ranking of Wharton.

Let’s dive into the world of excellence at Wharton and take a closer glimpse of what it has to offer…

Wharton – The Top pick of Indian Students – Extensive range of programs.

One of the oldest and finest Business Schools in the USA offers unmatched experience and global exposure. With more than 235 professional elite faculty, more than 5000 Undergrad and Graduate Students, more than 13,000 executives in programs, more than 20 research centres, a wide alumni network with over 100,000 alumni, Wharton School is the place to be.

Warton offers Undergrad programs in business and liberal with more than 20 concentrations across the 10 different departments, MBA, MBA for executive, equivalent to the full-time MBA, Doctoral degree programs providing next-generation business knowledge, Education programs for executives and corporates to advance the organization and individual career and Wharton online providing certificate programs online.


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Have you taken the GMAT before?

Unmatched Global Exposure at Wharton

The Wharton MBA offers unmatched global exposure and a distinct experience with various programs and illustrious courses more than any other business school in the United States. Wharton develops students with specialized skills and extensive practical business knowledge. The individuals get an opportunity to expand their career horizon and join one of the most prestigious and largest alumni networks.

What you need to become part of Wharton.

The students shape the Wharton community, the dynamic learning environment. The class profile for 2023 could give us a peek into the Wharton acceptance, like a virtual tour.  The MBA class profile of Wharton, 2023 received 7,338 applications and only 897 enrolled in a class with a diverse community of students representing 83 countries across the globe. The average GMAT score for acceptance should be above 733 while for Graduate level GRE score should be above 162 Average in verbal, Average 162 in Quantitative, and average writing it should be 4.6 or above. Over the years, the average acceptance rate stays around 9%, the average acceptance for other programs also stays around that mark

For Undergrad Ivy league schools, the high GPA is crucial for Wharton GPA should average around 3.9 while the mandatory average SAT score should be in the range of 1470 to 1550 or should have the ACT in range of 34-36.  If Wharton is your top choice, your acceptance rate can enhance significantly, if you apply via early decision. Early decision is when you apply with a firm commitment. 1 of 5 early applicants has a possibility to get accepted into Wharton.

Know your key dates & deadlines.

The MBA program has 3 application deadlines per year with three key dates for the application deadline, Interviews, and the date of the decision. The deferred admission round is also there. Applications received after the deadline of round 1 or 2 are rolled into the third round and do not get accepted after that. The application requires background information, an application fee of $275, two essays, your transcripts, recommendation letters, Test Scores, a language proficiency score, along with a resume of the applicant.

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Have you taken the GMAT before?

The Ranking of Wharton.

The University of Pennsylvania is well ahead in its MBA programs worldwide. According to the ranking, 2022, The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania is in the 2nd spot among the best business Schools in the USA with top-notch MBA programs. Stanford University holds the top spot among Business Schools in the USA.

The dream of being part of Wharton alumni is once in a lifetime experience and a lucrative opportunity which every student who wants to study abroad should strive for. Getting into a prestigious university requires an impressive profile with great grades and incredible skills. Wharton develops some of the highest-paid individuals who are capable of leading organizations of all sizes. Wharton is the cosmopolitan centre of the United States, and Wharton School is the best place to develop into a future leader, entrepreneur, or executive.

Know more about Wharton and the other top institutes to study abroad. Reach out to us, we are here to guide you through the process, fulfill your dream, and prepare you to make it a reality at Jamboree.

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