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The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) assesses your problem-solving, critical reasoning, reading comprehension and data literacy skills. But before determining how long your GMAT prep will take, it’s crucial to consider your current level of preparation, your target GMAT score and the amount of time you can realistically devote to preparation. 

These questions serve as the foundation for estimating your best GMAT prep timeline. So, let’s begin by understanding how these factors play a pivotal role in determining your path to success.

In this blog:

  1. Determining your starting point
  2. Your target GMAT score
  3. Availability of time
  4. GMAT prep timeline
  5. Why Choose Jamboree for GMAT Test Prep?
  6. FAQs

Determining Your Starting Point

Before you dive into GMAT prep, it’s essential to know where you stand. Take a diagnostic test to assess your current level of proficiency in GMAT quant and GMAT verbal reasoning. This will help you set a realistic goal and understand the gap between your current GMAT score and your desired GMAT score. If you’re an arithmetic ace but struggle with sentence correction, you’ll need to allocate more time to shore up your weaknesses.

Your Target GMAT Score

Ask yourself: What’s your GMAT dream score? Are you looking for a modest 600, or are you gunning for the illustrious 750+ club? Your target score plays a significant role in determining how long you’ll need to prepare.

The higher your desired GMAT score, the more time you’ll need to invest. If you’re aiming for a 700+, be prepared for some serious dedication.

Availability of Time

The GMAT doesn’t wait for anyone. You need to make time for it in your busy life. Take a look at your calendar, figure out your weekly availability, and decide how many hours you can spare for the best GMAT prep. A flexible schedule can be your best friend in this journey.

GMAT Prep Timeline

Short and Sweet: 1-2 Months

If you’re already a mathematical maestro and the English language trembles in your presence, you might need only a month or two for focused preparation. This timeline is for those who are looking to brush up on their skills and only need a slight score boost. You’ll mainly focus on reviewing concepts, practising questions, and getting accustomed to the test format.

Solid Foundation: 3-4 Months

The majority of GMAT test-takers fall into this category. If you need a solid foundation in both quantitative and verbal sections, you’ll want to dedicate at least three to four months. This timeframe allows you to delve deep into the content, practice extensively, and build the skills necessary to perform well.

The Long Haul: 6+ Months

For those starting from scratch or with severe GMAT score gaps, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and commit to the long haul. Six months or more of diligent preparation is your ticket to success. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and you’ll need every ounce of that time to master the GMAT intricacies.

Why Choose Jamboree for GMAT Test Prep?

We’ve got a handful of reasons why choosing Jamboree Education for your best GMAT prep is like finding a golden ticket to success. 

  1. Smart Analytics: At Jamboree, our online portal acts as your personal GMAT GPS, keeping you on the right track. You’ll always know where you stand and what steps to take next to improve your performance.
  2. Personalised GMAT Study Plan: Did you know that a personalised GMAT study plan can make you twice as likely to hit your target GMAT score? Think of our targeted GMAT study plans as your trusted bow and arrow for hitting your GMAT bullseye.
  3. Experienced mentoring: With Jamboree, you’re not alone on your GMAT journey. Our seasoned faculty will personally mentor you, providing the expertise and guidance to make you a GMAT pro.
  4. Unlimited Doubt Clearing Sessions: At Jamboree, no doubt is left unturned. Enjoy unlimited doubt-clearing sessions, no matter how big or small your questions may be. Your personalised support is just a question away.

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  • How helpful are GMAT preparation courses?

It depends on a lot of other factors but mostly, GMAT preparation courses are designed to help you prepare in a more targeted and efficient manner. If you benefit from structured learning, have specific score improvement objectives, and have limited self-study time, a GMAT preparation course feels like a fitting option. However, if cost is a factor then there are ample self-study resources available as well. Start by evaluating your situation to determine whether a GMAT preparation course aligns with your needs and budget. 

  • Which is the best prep course for the GMAT?

When it comes to the best GMAT prep, Jamboree is the name you can trust. We offer options like classroom training, live online sessions, and private tutoring, so you can pick what works best for you. 

  • Can I retake the GMAT exam if I’m not satisfied with my first score?

Yes, you can retake the GMAT. But keep in mind that you cannot take the GMAT more than 5 times in a year and more than 8 times in a lifetime. However, there is a waiting period of 16 days between attempts, so make the most of GMAT prep for a better result.

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To sum up,  remember the key elements of success: consistently take mock tests, manage stress with well-deserved breaks, identify and work on your weaknesses, build a strong foundation in GMAT concepts, practice relentlessly to improve, maintain both speed and accuracy, refer to official GMAT guides, and adopt smart study strategies. You can always rely on Jamboree as your GMAT prep guide to help you get over test anxiety and get the GMAT score you want.

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