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When you think about the college application process there are deadlines that make you wanna throw up in anxiety. And the related jargon is just too much, one of which is ‘Intakes’. In this blog, you will find out what that means and all about the most popular intake in the US for the year 2022-2023, and more. Let’s go!


1.     Fall intake in USA
2.     Universities offering fall intake in USA
3.     Steps to apply during fall intake in USA

Fall intake in USA

Duration: September, October, November, December

Among all intakes in USA, fall intake AKA September intake is the primary intake in the US. All the universities in the US offer the widest variety of courses during this intake and many of them offer only fall intake for the admission process. Due to a wide platter of courses offered during the intake, it is also the busiest time of the year to apply in the US. On the flip side, this intake welcomes the most amount of funding options for students such as scholarships, aids, grants, etc. Students who opt for fall intake are advised to start their research and university shortlisting process in April. Appear for ELP or English Language Proficiency test and other tests like SAT/GMAT/GRE etc. in the month of June. After which, you can focus on aspects of your application like application essays, recommendations, and visa process.

Universities offering fall intake in USA

As we mentioned earlier, September or fall intake in USA is the primary intake for most colleges in USA. So, generally, all universities offer admission during fall intake in USA but here’s a quick list of popular ones:

Universities offering fall intake in USA

Harvard University University of Minnesota
Stanford University Brown University
MIT Colorado School of Mines
CalTech Texas A&M
UC Berekeley North Carolina State University (Raleigh)
Georgia Tech UC Santa Barbara
UT Austin Ohio State University
Carnegie Mellon Virginia Tech
Wisconsin-Madison University of Colorado Boulder
Cornell University Penn State
Yale University Boston University
Illinois Urbana Champaign UC Irvine
Duke University Northeastern University
University of Chicago Vanderbilt University
University of Pennsylvania University of Virginia
University of Michigan Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Northwestern University University of Delaware
Purdue University University of Pittsburgh
Columbia University Case Western Reserve University
University of Notre Dame Arizona State University
Dartmouth College Johns Hopkins University
Rutgers State University of New Jersey Rice University
University of Tennessee Knoxville New York University (NYU)
UT Dallas University of Southern California (USC)
Michigan State UC Los Angeles (UCLA)
Iowa State University UC San Diego
UC Davis University of Rochester
University of Maryland, College Park University of North Carolina – Charlotte
Princeton University University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
University of Florida University of Utah
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Steps to apply during fall intake in USA

If you are planning to take admission during fall intake in USA, trust us when we say you’ll need an action plan to convert a successful admission, after all, it’s only the busiest time of the year for all US universities that receive an army of suitable student applications.

Well lucky for you, we can help you make your own action plan using tried and tested timeline that can save you from steering off during the application process.

Step 1 to apply during fall intake in USA

If you want to study in US, you will most likely already have a list of universities you want to go to in your head, but we are going to need something more solid than that. Our advice? Do more research and come up with a coherent list of about 8-10 universities offering your chosen program with course requirements that you qualify for by August.

Step 2 to apply during fall intake in USA

The next step is to be ready with your ELP and other standardized admission exams. ELP tests like IELTS/TOEFL can be taken within 4 weeks of preparation but it highly differs from student to student. In any case, it is ideal to leave room for retakes if in case you are not happy with your test scores.

IELTS/TOEFL Scores: You should have your language test scores by August if you plan to apply for fall intake in USA.

GMAT/GRE/SAT:  We can’t generalize a set number of months required for the preparation of standardized tests like such since it highly differs from student to student but for taking admission in the fall intake in USA try to get the test results in the month of June-July this way if in case you aren’t happy with your test score you will still have time for another decent attempt. But make sure to have your final test scores no later than September end.

Step 3 to apply during fall intake in USA

One of the best reasons to go for fall intake in USA is that by this time your results are out and your academic transcripts have greater bandwidth to get officially stamped /sealed by the issuing university or school without wasting a year. And students can comfortably approach the registrar’s office of your chosen university to request them.

Step 4 to apply during fall intake in USA

Your application isn’t complete until you specify 2-3 recommenders, this is a standard process for all US universities, and students are advised to get done with LORs by late August for starting yo application during fall intake in USA.  Set aside 3 weeks time to perfect your student essays and resume. Chicago Booth’s admission director says she looks for a “sparkle” in student applications they receive. She describes “sparkle” as a quality that makes her want to meet the student personally. Try and find that angle to your essays and get creative.

Step 5 to apply during fall intake in USA

Now with all the documents in place, you can go ahead and apply before the due date. Go over to the university’s website to know about the deadlines. A general timeline for fall intake in USA is given below:

Type of Application

Application Deadline

Admission Decision

Early Action November 2022 December 2022
Early Decision November 2022 December 2022
Regular Decision January/February 2023 March/April 2023
Rolling Admission Varies Usually within 4-6 weeks

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