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GMAT prep online can be very different from preparing in physical GMAT coaching classes. But it is hands down one of the most convenient and effective ways of preparing for the GMAT.

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of preparing for the GMAT online!

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Over the last few years, online GMAT preparation has become extremely popular. Since the GMAT exam is a computer-based test, you become familiar with computer usage for the GMAT test if you opt for GMAT prep online or join GMAT online coaching classes. 

With the rise of online education, preparing for the GMAT from the comfort of your home has never been easier. Get ready to sharpen your skills, flex your brain muscles, and rock the GMAT like a pro with the help of GMAT prep resources and insights by Jamboree experts!

When to take GMAT Prep Online?

First and foremost, go for your GMAT prep online if:

  • Your schedule doesn’t allow you to fit in a physical GMAT coaching class
  • You like to study from the comfort of your home
  • You have the necessary GMAT prep resources to study online

Online courses, software, and tutorials assist while preparing for GMAT online. All you have to do is scavenge for reliable and helpful GMAT prep resources online. We understand that it’s difficult to fish for the right resources in the vast internet ocean. But, to make things easier for you, we’ve put all the free GMAT prep resources in one place.

Before jumping onto the preparation part, let us see what advantages GMAT online coaching has for you:

Convenient GMAT prep

There’s no denying that GMAT online coaching is more convenient and time-saving than GMAT classroom coaching. You may need more time for GMAT coaching classes, including the travel time and a hectic work schedule or school routine don’t help. That’s where GMAT online prep comes as a winner; it saves you time and lets you prepare from the comfort of your home or at your own pace.

While preparing for the GMAT online, many test-takers find it difficult to get their doubts cleared or get conceptual clarity or doubts resolved due to a lack of access to a dedicated GMAT mentor. Well, we’ve solved the problem for you. Whether you are preparing for the GMAT online or in a classroom, Jamboree gives you access to unlimited doubt-clearing sessions and free foundation webinars for GMAT sectional tests.

Custom Learning

To make your GMAT online prep less monotonous, you can try out fun ways of studying for the GMAT exam, like taking pop quizzes, customising them, or taking mini GMAT sectional tests. Dedicating small time frames throughout the day to your GMAT prep keeps your brain simulated for the actual D-day.

One of the largest benefits of GMAT online prep is that you can customise your preparation. You can plan your study schedule and design your GMAT study plan. And, to make things easier for you, we’re sharing with you a tried and tested GMAT study plan designed and curated with over 3 decades of experience and expertise.

Performance Tracker

Your GMAT study plan can also be adjusted based on your progress across all concepts. GMAT online coaching can help you track your performance and determine how well you do during preparation.

When you enrol with Jamboree Education for your GMAT prep online, you get access to a GMAT-like testing portal equipped with a score predictor, GMAT sectional tests, and study plan integration. With Jamboree’s GMAT online portal, you can assess your test prep, identify and improve your weak areas and track your performance regularly. 

Sharing Of Ideas

Usually, when your enrol for GMAT prep online, the batch size is compact, so sharing ideas and communicating with other aspirants or students becomes easy. Sharing your knowledge with others and increasing it is an opportunity for you during GMAT prep online.

Several online platforms enable discussion around the GMAT exam for test-takers, enabling sharing ideas and conversations. You could learn from the doubts, mistakes, and practices of other test-takers while also receiving tips and insights from expert GMAT mentors.

How To Effectively Plan For GMAT prep online?

Here are a few things that you must do to prepare effectively for the GMAT exam online:

  • Know the GMAT exam:  The foremost step for effective GMAT preparation online is to know the GMAT exam inside out. Check out the GMAT exam syllabus, GMAT exam dates, pick the day you’ll take the test, and then proceed with your GMAT study plan. 
  • Create a study plan: Determine how much time you will spend studying each day and what topics you will cover. Following a study plan is vital to make the most out of your GMAT preparation online. 
  • Take a GMAT mock test: Taking GMAT mock tests will allow you to determine the topics you need to improve and how far you are from your target score. Mock tests are a great way of assessing your performance. 
  • Use online resources: The main advantage of joining GMAT online preparation classes is you can access many online GMAT prep resources, such as official GMAT study guides, practice questions, and video tutorials. Jamboree’s HD videos made for conceptual clarity of GMAT topics are a great way to understand the GMAT exam.

An Overview Of The Current GMAT Syllabus

Here is an overview of the current GMAT syllabus to help you understand what are the important topics in this exam and how you can actively utilise the online classes to ace them:

GMAT Syllabus 2023

Section  What To Study For
Quantitative Reasoning algebra, arithmetic, geometry, and word problem
Verbal Reasoning reading and comprehension, sentence correction, and critical reasoning
Integrated Reasoning  multi-source reasoning, table analyses, two-part analyses, and graphic interpretation
Analytical Writing Assessment an essay to present your views on different topics; you will be tested on your abilities to communicate your thoughts

The sections above have different weightage, and you are given 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete all the sections. Find how GMAT-ready you are by taking a free GMAT mock test here!


Successfully preparing for the GMAT online requires discipline, commitment, and focus. It is possible to improve your chances of success on the GMAT exam by sticking to your study plan and using the right resources.

Jamboree Education’s simplified teaching methodology and focused GMAT test prep have helped us achieve the highest number of GMAT top scorers, year after year. Book a free GMAT demo class and experience Jamboree’s 30 years of GMAT test prep expertise.

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