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UK business schools are known not only for their high rankings but for their world-class teaching. Many international students dream of studying various management courses in the UK in order to have better career prospects.

Are you thinking of living in the UK and obtaining a Master’s in Management? Look no further, as we’ve compiled a list of the top MIM courses offered by elite colleges in the UK. However, selecting just the college is not enough; you must be sure about other things, including information on admission requirements, course curriculum, career prospects, and more.  In this blog, we have done all the work to help you make an informed decision!

UK colleges and universities are known for their academic excellence and diverse student communities, making studying here an experience like no other. Let’s explore a few of the top MIM colleges in the UK and explore other opportunities that await you there!

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  1. The Best MIM Universities In UK For International Students
  2. What Are The Top MIM Programs For International Students In The UK?
  3. What Are The Requirements For International Students Seeking MIM Degree In The UK?
  4. Conclusion

The Best MIM Universities In UK For International Students

Who doesn’t want to pursue a well-paying degree with an intensive course curriculum that makes you ready to solve real-world problems right? And a Master’s in Management degree checks all these boxes. You can pursue anything, from finance to business analytics to marketing, but choosing the right college without professional help can be confusing.

Here are some of the top colleges offering MIM degrees  in the UK to international students that you can consider:

  • London Business School

Under its former name, the London Graduate School of Business Studies was founded in 1964. London Business School merged with the University of London in 1965. It is a leading educational institution that offers PhD, postgraduate, and MBA programs in Management and finance. The school’s curriculum provides a premium, ambitious learning experience, challenging the status quo and shaping modern business practices.

In keeping up with its motto, ‘To change the world through business’, LBS offers a leading two-year MBA programme with exceptional teaching, research, and career development opportunities, and its students are placed in the UK, Asia, Europe, and the USA. Further,  international students constitute 90% of its student body.

What are the specializations in MIM?

  • Imperial College London

Since its founding in 1907, Imperial College London has been a leading public research university. Education and research at the university are world-class in science, engineering, medicine, business and, most importantly, management.

Imperial College has world-class academic disciplines, creating opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and fostering partnerships with companies and organisations. The college aims to remain among the top-tier institutions globally with a one-year management degree providing life-changing opportunities you can not miss!

  • Durham University

The university was founded in 1832 and is one of the oldest and most prestigious public research universities in England that is also famous for its MIM programmes. Durham is recognised for its academic excellence as a member of the Russell Group. You will learn the skills you need for a successful career in the global business sector if you enrol in Business and Management courses at the university.

Marketing, financial management, and strategy are among the areas covered in the course curriculum, along with academic theory. You can complete the course in one year or add a placement year abroad, depending on your preferences. The university offers several optional modules, including leadership, management, entrepreneurship, and global marketing.

  • University College London 

London, United Kingdom, is home to UCL, a public research university. University College London (UCL) is a top university within the federal University of London. The university has undergraduate, postgraduate and top MIM courses across multiple faculties.

 As for its academic output, UCL’s researchers have contributed to significant discoveries in various fields. Master’s of Management is a one-year full-time programme from UCL, allowing you to earn more than USD 35,000 on average as a starting salary. 

  • Kings College London 

The King’s College London is a renowned public research university founded in 1829. KCL offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses across management, arts & humanities, social science, health and more. A high level of academic excellence and research output is associated with the university in the management field.

A student community with over 150 countries of origin makes the institution unique. A MIM degree from KCL can be a great option to learn more about innovation, social responsibility, diversity, and problem-solving research experience.

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What Are The Top MIM Programmes For International Students In The UK?

What is more important than selecting a leading university as an overseas student? Selecting the right course for yourself and it can get tricky to choose the right course with hundreds of options available. 

When considering choosing a top MIM course, you must do all your research or take help from Jamboree experts to save time and make the right choice to study your dream management course. Here is the list of top MIM programmes in the UK that you can go for: 

  • MSc in Business Analytics
  • Management & Organisational Analysis MSc
  • International Business and Management MA/MSc
  • MSc in Banking Innovation and Risk Analytics
  • MSc in Accounting and Finance 
  • MSc in Entrepreneurship and Management
  • MSc Economics & Strategy for Business
  •  MSc in Big Data and Business Analytics
  • MSc in Engineering Business Management
  • MSc in Climate Change Finance
  • Master in Digital Project Management
  • MS in Auditing and Consulting
  • MS in Pharmaceutical Management

What Are The Requirements For International Students Seeking A Master’s In Management Degree In The UK?

As an international student, you must meet the strict eligibility requirements to get admission to top MIM colleges. To be able to study at a top management college in the UK, you must know what those requirements are. 

Given below is an overview of the standard admission criteria for top management universities in UK for international students: 

  • You must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 60% in a related field.
  • A-level grades and management-related qualifications are required of international students in the UK.  
  • A GMAT or GRE score is usually required for admission to most top UK universities. Jamboree’s prep resources can help you score the ideal marks for admission to the top MIM college.
  • You must have English proficiency test scores like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

Additionally, admission requirements may differ from university to university and program to program. We recommend checking each university’s website before applying to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information.


Pursuing a top MIM course takes work, especially abroad. You need to take care of several things, from selecting the college to preparing for the exam. But to make your work easy, experts at Jamboree have multiple prep resources and guidance sessions to help you make the best and most informed choice.

Have questions about GRE or GMAT preparation or college admissions? We can help! Connect with our counsellors for a free 15-minute consultation session to get all your queries resolved.

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